Nina L’Allure Announces High-Power Laser Hair Removal System & Special Offer

Nina L’Allure Announces High-Power Laser Hair Removal System & Special Offer

The most effective VIKINI High-Power Laser Hair removal system on the market is now available at Nina L’Allure for safe hair removal on all types of skin.

High Power Hair Removal Diode Laser System

Nina L’Allure is pleased to announce the use of the VIKINI Laser System, by Dectro International, for Laser Hair Removal.

The VIKINI is an 808 nm diode Laser for permanent hair removal. The increased power of the 10 Hz Laser is more stable and uniform than other types of laser hair removal providing more effective results with less regrowth while maximizing comfort during hair removal.

Nina L'Allure, Burlington

Viking Laser Hair Removal

The VIKINI Laser handpiece optical device offers constant cooling of the skin during treatment to help reduce any pain you might experience.

The different pulse modes available and the skin cooling function enables application of more power in the long term and the ability to perform hair removal on most skin types. This fast and essentially painless laser technique will leave your skin smooth and flawless. The state-of-the-art laser technology can be used on every skin shade from fair to very dark.


• Safe

• Comfortable

• Faster hair removal treatment

• Several pulse applications

• Improved optical grid for more performance

• Custom function programming

VIKINI Diode Laser System has a storage memory allowing programming related to customer records. This tool allows to retrieve customized parameters for your clients by memorizing the skin and hair type, the pulse mode used, the fluence and even the gender of the patient! This information is very useful to follow the evolution of your customer treatments.

Nina L'Allure, Burlington

Nina L'Allure Laser Hair Removal

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