What kind of energy is in your home or office?

What kind of energy is in your home or office?

Inside of us all resides the desire to live the life we desire with happiness and enough positive energy to want to jump out of bed every day with joy.

Life happens and at times it can be hectic and filled with ups and downs. Everything is energy, and the energy around us in our homes, our workspace, and in ourselves, can shift depending on what is or has happened in our lives.

What we think, and feel is energy and can affect how we live our daily lives, react to situations and make decisions.

The past few years have shown us that isolation, illness, and loss have manifested many feelings of uncertainty, doubt and depression. This type of energy can seep into everything around us and have a lasting effect if not dealt with.

As a Professional Certified Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner, I offer this unique and sacred method of Space Clearing where you actively clear the negative energy in a space.

Clearings are available for office/commercial space, homes, and for an individual.

I received my certification from renowned spiritual teacher Denise Linn. Her space clearing programs are recognized as the most in-depth and comprehensive in the world.

Elemental Space Clearing isn’t clutter clearing, where you shift physical clutter from your home or business. This is an energetic clearing where you actively shift negative, dense, energies from any space and replace them with positive, uplifting feelings you want in your home, business, and life.

Lee Pryke, Intuitive Life Coach

You’d be surprised at the immediate change in atmosphere; and it’s not just true for believers – plenty of space clearing-sceptics have felt the benefits of an Elemental Space Clearing®.

Practiced around the World

In ancient times, people understood the importance of creating a sense of harmony in their dwellings. They developed techniques and methods to release stagnant energy and to invoke vitality in living spaces.

Native Americans used drums, rattles, and burning herbs in their rituals. The Chinese used gongs, chanting and incense. In medieval Europe, salt and prayers cleared energy. In the Middle East, burning resins, such as frankincense and myrrh were used to dispel negativity. Some of these traditions have survived virtually unchanged to this day.

Lee Pryke, Intuitive Life Coach

Elemental Space Clearing is beneficial for any life change or beginning:

  • New job, project, or habit
  • Clearing previously owned objects
  • New arrangement of space
  • Release negative habits
  • Preparing for a life change
  • Create clarity in life
  • Family additions
  • New relationship, marriage, or divorce
  • Moving into new home, Selling a home
  • After illness

Loss of loved one

Elemental Space Clearing® for Business

Everything is Energy so just as a home might have negative energy which needs cleansing, the same can be true of an office or workspace. Even more so as so many have combined their office work and home together these past few years.

Lee Pryke, Intuitive Life Coach

Elemental Space Clearing® is used and trusted by successful business owners, the world over, to invoke vibrant, successful, prosperous energy.

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