We love High Heals but do they love our Pelvic Floor?

We love High Heals but do they love our Pelvic Floor?

High heels can be beautiful and sexy, but they can also be a problem for your posture, spine, and back.

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How do high heels affect the pelvic floor?

The issue is the change in our posture and how we have to adjust our bodies to keep balance and not tip forward. Ideally, we should have a very neutral alignment, with everything aligned properly - ribs over hips.

High heels make us lean forward and in order to compensate, our normal, gentle curve in our tailbone is exaggerated. We have to keep our knees and hips slightly bent to achieve our normal straight up-and-down alignment, which makes our butt stick out. We tighten our abdominal muscles and our butt muscles to help stabilize us in this forward-leaning posture.

When our abdominal muscles are held too tightly for too long, we’re actually overtraining our pelvic floor. And that could contribute to incontinence.

Depending on how much you’ve worn your high heels, your calf muscles may be a bit short and tight and the big muscles surrounding the hip joint may also need some attention.

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The key to regaining your normal posture is doing different core exercises to get back in a neutral position, regain flexibility and mobility in your pelvis and lower back, and restore normal spine and posture.

Why high heels are bad for you and what it does to your body

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Your Pelvic Floor

Whether you wear high heels or not, it is important to take care of your Pelvic Floor. Your pelvic floor is the foundation of your core and is fundamental to SO MANY ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE. The pelvic floor is responsible for your continence, plays a role in pelvic and spinal control, stability of the pelvic floor, and also plays a role in your sexual response. The pelvic floor is responsible for supporting your internal organs (bladder, uterus and rectum).

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The pelvic floor works in synergy with the breath and is an incredibly important part of the body that doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

My goal is to share a free workout each Friday on my YouTube channel...and I will share it with you here as well.

Give these exercises a try and let me know what you think.

Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor with these 5 moves...

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