Rectocele Symptoms and Management

Rectocele Symptoms and Management

A rectocele is known as a type of pelvic organ prolapse. A rectocele may happen with other forms of pelvic organ prolapse.

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A rectocele happens when the rectum falls forward into the back of the vagina. The tissue becomes thin and weak over time, between the rectum and the vagina, resulting in a rectocele. You may not notice symptoms if the bulge (prolapse) is slight. With a more significant prolapse, your rectum may protrude out of your vagina.

Some reasons for a rectocele

Pregnancy, especially having more than one child and if there is trauma like tearing during the delivery.

As we age, our pelvic floor weakens and as we enter the years of menopause, our estrogen drops which can affect your pelvic floor health.

Heavy lifting can stretch and weaken, putting strain on your pelvic floor muscles

Constipation and straining can also weaken the pelvic muscles.

Signs of a rectocele include:

  • A looseness or loss of muscle tone in your vagina.
  • A sensation of pressure or fullness in your rectum or vagina.
  • A bulge in your vagina.
  • Feeling like there is a golf ball in your bum.
  • Feeling you cannot empty your bowels.
  • A heaviness that gets worse as the day progresses.
  • Experience discomfort with sex.


I encourage every woman to see a pelvic floor physiotherapist to assess their pelvic floor and identify if there are any concerns.

For mild cases of rectocele, pelvic floor exercises will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Learning what exercises are beneficial and how to exercise effectively is essential.

Your healthcare provider may also recommend a pessary, a device inserted high into the vagina that supports its walls and organs.

With more severe prolapse, your healthcare provider may recommend surgery to repair the rectocele.

Kim Vopni, Vagina Coach

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My experience with rectocele

I have experienced a stage 2 rectocele that I lived with for nine years. I tried everything to manage it, but ultimately, I chose surgery because my quality of life was suffering.

I had a very successful outcome, and I know that a big reason for that was that I was informed. I knew what questions to ask my doctor. I understood the benefit of preparing my pelvic floor for surgery. I was also very intentional with my recovery and my return to exercise.

Surgery can be an excellent option for people but shame is often associated with it. I want to take that shame away and provide you with everything you need to know so you can make an informed decision and achieve a positive outcome.

Pelvic Surgery Success Program

Pelvic Surgery Success is a one-of-a-kind program that will take you from feeling depressed and consumed by fear of surgery to informed, confident and calm so you can put your nagging symptoms behind you and get back to living life.

Kim Vopni, Vagina Coach

You will learn the reasons why people may choose surgery. Conservative treatment options to consider before surgery. How to find a good surgeon and questions to ask the ones you meet. You will learn the risks and benefits of each type of surgery, how to prepare your body for surgery, and much more.

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