Pelvic Surgery Success Program

Pelvic Surgery Success Program

Are you struggling with pelvic floor symptoms that are consuming your thoughts and interfering with your best quality of life?

As most of you know, I had surgery for my rectocele prolapse in December. I had a great experience, positive outcome and am feeling very happy with my decision.

I went through the process very informed, knowing what to ask, how to prepare, recover and return to activities of daily living. Not everyone has the same fact, most are completely in the dark and have struggles afterwards that leave them thinking 'why didn't anyone tell me about this BEFORE?'

Sounds a lot like postpartum women. Postpartum and Post-Op are very similar in a lot of ways.

The decision to have surgery is often met with a lot of shame or guilt as well as a lot of confusion, so I wanted to create a program to help support people in the decision-making period but more importantly, in the actual preparation and recovery phase.

My goal with the pelvic surgery success program is to take away the shame and bring on the information and education so women can make the best choice for their bodies.

I have interviewed doctors, physiotherapists, nurse continence advisors as well as women who have had surgery. I bring in the experts and the people like me who are going through the process.

This is me 7 months Post-Op feeling Strong and Confident!

Vagina Coach, Kim Vopni, Pelvic Surgery Success

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The initial beta program is being delivered via a live webinar each week for 6 weeks which started Oct 19th. If you can't attend the Tuesday live webinars, you get access to the recording. If you are registering after the webinar series has started, you get access to the previous content so don't worry - you won't miss a thing!


...anyone who registers for the beta version will get full access to the final program that will launch in January 2022.

This initial beta version is heavily discounted - only $147!

Act Now - The final course will be $397

Pelvic Surgery Success is a one of a kind program that will take you from feeling depressed, anxious and consumed by fear of surgery to informed, confident and calm so you can put your nagging symptoms behind you and get back to living life with spontaneity and joy!


This program is for anyone who has ever considered surgery. Whether you are still in the considering stage or have a surgery date already booked, this program is for you! Hysterectomies, prolapse surgery, incontinence procedures and more!

Don't worry if you can't attend live - a recording will be sent out.

You can read all about my surgery journey on my blog -

Preparing For A Rectocele Repair – Prolapse Surgery

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Vagina Coach, Kim Vopni