Kegel & Pelvic Floor Exercise Programs for All Stages of Pregnancy

Kegel & Pelvic Floor Exercise Programs for All Stages of Pregnancy

Whether you are about to become pregnant or have just had a baby, we have developed a set of online courses that will help you strengthen your core.

This program will help to ease childbirth or help you recover faster post-pregnancy.

Prepare to Push™

Preparing for a big event is essential. Would you run a marathon without training for it?

What bigger event will you ever prepare for than the birth of your baby? The crazy thing is that labour is like 4-6 marathons yet there is no training program for it.

The Prepare to Push™ program applies the fitness principle of specificity to labour and birth prep. You need to train for your big event using movement and exercise that is as close to the event as possible.

Prepare To Push™ gives you the essential information about your pelvic floor and abdomen in birth AND recovery.

Vagina Coach, Kim Vopni

The program includes educational videos, exercises (both strengthening and stretching), and targeted info and techniques for the pelvic floor (beyond just 'do your kegels') and the abdomen - have you heard of diastasis recti?

Plus, you get a full recovery protocol because, like any major event, you need to factor in the recovery. Learn all about what the course offers and frequently asked questions other women have asked...


Are you Ready for Your Best Birth?

Birth like a Boss, 28 Day Challenge, will train your body for labour and birth. The program takes place in the Obii App available for iPhones and Android users. A new challenge starts on the second Tuesday of every month. You get notifications and reminders on your phone along with the daily list of 5 exercises (with video to watch). You earn points for completing each exercise. Points can be used to unlock bonus content.

This 28-day challenge will connect you to your core and pelvic floor so you can finally get clarity on the elusive Kegel (which you've probably been told to do now that you are pregnant right?)

I will teach you how to activate your pelvic floor appropriately and then add it to movement (because regular Kegels are boring!) The movements are chosen intentionally to mimic the most optimal birth positions as well as the movements of motherhood - it is the principle of specificity at its best!

Vagina Coach, Kim Vopni

We are training for birth so you will NOT be doing hundreds of Kegels every day but rather exercise that involves the pelvic floor and teaches you how to contract but also how to relax.

Learn what other women who have taken the course are saying and we hope you will join us on the next Birth like a Boss 28- Day Challenge.

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Vagina Coach, Kim Vopni