Supercharge the organization with SuiteCRM BCC Archive Plugin

Supercharge the organization with SuiteCRM BCC Archive Plugin

For managing conversations with customers there is no other option better than the SuiteCRM BCC archive plugin.

Businesses are pulling their hair out every day when they need to update every conversation history in CRM software. And even it’s a vintage method of updating every single piece of information to their business team of what the client discussed. If this is an arduous task for you all, pounce into the greatest product called SuiteCRM BCC Archive (Premium) extension.

If you purchase this plugin for your CRM business then how is it going to save your time and dilate your business process for conversation handling? We guess you have several questions and want every answer. Join us on this guided tour of the BCC Archive extension with its ultimate functionalities.

What is SuiteCRM BCC Archive?

The primary reason behind launching this product is to help you to take control of every client conversation. This extension will save your conversations automatically. You don’t need to check the CRM again and again about the update.

Trust in this product that saves not only your quality time but also your manual effort. Such an efficient add-on will not create any confusion between you and your business team. Want to know how? Let us elaborate this below-

Just a few months ago, one of our old clients told us that he takes time to update the CRM conversation history whenever he talks to any of his leads. This creates confusion because his business team feels like the manager is not replying to the lead on time. And the lead gets different replies. One from the manager and one from the company’s team.

This misshapen should be eliminated. Not every client will understand the situation just remember. Therefore, the company invested in this rich product. They strived and are getting great results from SuiteCRM BCC Archive (Premium). Because it updates the client conversation automatically in Real-time.

How does this powerful extension work?

Reply to your lead from any device like Mobile or tablet. Whatever you choose, the conversation gets saved automatically. Your business team will not get confused now. All you have to do is just BCC: (Just an example). The key role of our add-on is to scan the BCC Email address and will update the customer history swiftly. Both parties' conversations in one place will reduce every problem.

  • This Extension support all SuiteCRM versions
  • You will get Lifetime support and it is for Unlimited users
  • Get “FREE PRODUCT TOUR” facility for easy understanding of plugin Installation and Configuration

How many Features are there to help you?

Are you excited to know what’s more the product will provide for your business handling? Check out the list given below-

Start with the top-most feature and that is “Real-time synchronization”. The plugin will update everything in real-time with no delay at all.

  • If you have this rich product in your company, it can scan BCC, TO, FROM, Subject, CC. It is indispensable to scan all these.
  • Suppose an email is attached to the customer history. A user will always receive a Notification for this. Another important feature to alert your business team.
  • Users are allowed to archive the email address in whichever module of SuiteCRM they like. No such restriction from now!
  • Another key role of the BCC Archive (Premium) product is scanning the email inbox after every one minute. Check out the Activity Logger to know the scan time if required.
  • SuiteCRM BCC Archive product is also advanced to attach the Opportunity History. No need to work on separate modules.

Buy today with just $550.00. We can even provide you with a Discount of 10%. Start making your CRM more powerful and convenient with top-notch products.