Why supplements?

Why supplements?

In our stress filled and toxic world, why do even the healthiest individuals need good supplements?

As a Holistic Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Coach I firmly believe in eating a well balanced diet filled with lots of fresh, live foods that are from the earth. These foods provide your body with some of what it needs, especially if you are into eating local and seasonal.  The reason I believe this to be so vital is that depending on where you are living, the food that is growing in that region, at that time of year, surviving and thriving in those specific conditions are helping to feed your body some of the vital nutrients to help you stay healthy.

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Our summer of 2016 - Farm life

Having said that, our world isn't what it used to be compared to when our grandparents and even our parents grew up...

...we are overfed, undernourished, stressed out and toxic!

The soil is depleted of the nutrients it once had, due to the herbicides, pesticides and all the poisonous sprays used to increase crop yield, by keeping the weeds and bugs at bay. Unfortunately even the organic fields, with the best of intentions are not as nutrient dense as they once were. Plus, with hormones, pollution and EMR wreaking havoc on our bodies every day, it is no wonder that we as a society are burnt out and battling disease at a catastrophic rate. You can eat the most nutrient dense foods available on a daily basis but due to these factors, unfortunately your body would still not be receiving enough nutrients to build and maintain optimal health for you.

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Environmental Pollution


This is why supplements are a vital part of our everyday routine, and why the supplement industry is growing exponentially.

This can also make it very confusing, especially if you have ever walked into one of those health food stores and been overwhelmed by the selection. There is so much to choose from, for those who have specific conditions and are being followed by a functional medicine physician or a naturopath who is helping them figure out what is right, those stores are great source to give you the specifics you are looking for. If however, you are in good general health and just looking to support or boost your system and keep it as healthy as possible, simple is better. Almost anyone you talk to nowadays is on some sort of supplement, whether it is pills, powders or liquids, ranging from store bought no name brands to high quality online only brands. We must remember that we are all individuals, and even though we have some of the same basic needs, we all have unique needs as well.

For me supplements are just that...something you take to help "supplement" what you are already doing to achieve health and wellness.

Some of us need more calcium or vitamin D, such as growing youth and pre/peri/post menopausal women. Others require joint relief supplements to help battle age related disease or injury. The fact is that all of us could use a high quality multivitamin, omegas and probiotics to keep our bodies in good working order. When searching for what is right for you it is nice to have a little guidance and make sure that you are not only taking the right product for you, but also investing in the best quality that you can afford.

I have been lucky enough to have found some amazing products for me and my family, that are delivered directly to my home and ones that I recommend to my clients. These may or may not be right for you, but as a Holistic Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Coach I am happy to offer you a free 10-15 mins consultation to find out what products would be the right fit for you. Please email to book your appt today, jessilyn@balancedbloom.com

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