Could Your B2B Content Strategy Benefit from Print?

Could Your B2B Content Strategy Benefit from Print?

Do you serve a very niche space or an industry vertical? Maybe you should look at the power of print.

On a recent episode of The B2B Mix Show podcast, my cohost Alanna and I spoke to Jennifer Schiffman and Caitlin Orosz of Blacksmith Applications about the importance of a printed magazine in the company's content strategy.

Maybe you're wondering, "why print in a B2B digital world?" Maybe the better question is, "why not?"

After all, not every industry has broad adoption (even in 2019) of social media, so the distribution of blog posts and social selling tactic on networks like LinkedIn and Twitter just don't have the power of printed collateral. And some niches are so specialized, social media and SEO simply are not targeted enough to reach the right decision makers.

Blacksmith Applications sells sophisticated trade promotion management and optimization software to food manufacturers -- primarily large, well-known food manufacturers. That's a very defined, fairly small pool of decision makers in comparison to other B2B software markets.

While the marketing team uses online and content marketing tactics to attract these buyers, they've found success with brand journalism via their thought leadership magazine, Smoke Jumpers. Even the sales team leverages the publication to demonstrate Blacksmith Applications' depth of expertise.

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