Are You a Content Curator or a Content Hoarder?

Are You a Content Curator or a Content Hoarder?

Content curators are highly selective with the content they collect and share. Hoarders grab whatever's out there. Which one are you?

There's a content curation spectrum where curators fall between two extremes:

  1. Those who proceed with the mindset that the content they curate should enhance and support their own content and thought leadership position.
  2. Those who are looking for a way to avoid original content creation and grab anything remotely related to their business to fill their content void.

It's easy to understand why many marketers lean toward option number two.

First, there is a TON of content chaos out there. You have to invest a lot of time and resources to create anything of note that will rise above the noise.

Second, there's already a TON of content out there that relates to your business or industry. Why not just amplify other experts' content as a means of building awareness for your own brand?

It's true that the sheer volume of content makes it difficult to be heard. However, that doesn't mean you should stop creating original content. Instead, you need to stop shouting the same messages as everyone else.

If you don't have the budget to blog every week, think about creating one really incredibly pillar page or content hub per quarter? And I mean make it FABULOUS. Then use content curation to support the expertise of that piece -- or even to present opposing ideas? Use content curation to make your best content shine even brighter.

If you're using curation for your social media marketing efforts, remember that you want to be selective and choose the best articles to support your thought leadership position. Otherwise, you're just a content hoarder who is collecting any old thing just to fill your queue.

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