Improving Tradeshow Performance With Inbound Marketing

Improving Tradeshow Performance With Inbound Marketing

The first ever trade show in history was held over 150 years ago in London, England.

It was a grand event, celebrated by Queen Victoria and it ran for 5 months, attracting over 6 million visitors! It was a huge success and the tradeshow circuit has become a traditional marketing staple ever since.

Today companies still congregate to display their innovations to the world, and although there have been some significant changes made along the way, tradeshows have not lost steam and if anything, continue stronger than ever.

But in this rapidly growing, digital age of inbound marketing, do tradeshows still play a significant role in helping generate and nurture leads?

Absolutely they do!

Tradeshows are opportunities. In a digital world, they are a valuable Business to Business, analog tool that allows companies to generate leads, meet objectives and achieve high Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). Whether you are the host or attendee, tradeshows should become an integral part of your business inbound marketing campaigns. (more on what is Inbound Marketing.)

There is a lot of preparation that goes into a becoming a successful participant or host of a B2B tradeshow. These shows allow for premium, face to face, one on one networking where you can increase leads, social media following, email and/or blog subscriptions, and of course, sales.

Think of tradeshow preparation like prepping for a dinner party. If you are the host, you’ll need to determine who is being invited, what the meal will be, what venue to use, and the overall atmosphere of the party. If you are not the host, but the attendee, organization is still needed in order to present yourself properly. You’ll need to determine what to bring to the host and other guests, as well as deciphering precisely what you are doing at the event itself and what kind of lasting impact you want to make on those present.

To do this, you would need to create a very strategic marketing process where clear goals are set, preparations are made, and metrics are set up to enable you to track your progress and performance at the event.

When the next tradeshow opportunity arises, we at Atomlabs in Kitchener-Waterloo encourage you to take part and remember to start planning early, define clear goals, and communicate to your team the positive outcome that tradeshow participation will have on your business.