The Work Shack

The Work Shack

If you work from home, a prefabricated shed can serve as a home office. This is becoming more popular in Cache Valley, Utah, and here's why!

Why More People Working From Home Are Investing In Sheds

With the internet, remote work is possible for more and more jobs. If the job can be done with a computer, it can be done from anywhere and many businesses are taking advantage of this. Working from home comes with a lot of distractions, though. This is why having a home office is recommended for remote work; a place where you train your brain to focus on work and nothing else. For this, a lot of people are buying prefabricated sheds. According to Cache Valley Sheds, these are the advantages people get from using a shed as a home office.

1. Separate From Your Home

working from home can be a problem

Working from home has its problems.

The biggest distractions with working from home are interruptions, most often from family. You have all the noise of kids running around the house, occasionally barging in on you. It’s also easy to get up and walk out of the office, breaking your focus. Maybe the TV is on and you start paying attention to it instead of your work.

Setting up a prefabricated shed in your backyard creates a place that’s separate from all of that. You go out to it, leaving all the normal distractions back at the house. A few additions to it can make it a perfect office. Hooking it up electricity will let you install a heating and air conditioning system, giving you a comfortable climate to work in. A small fridge can be stocked with drinks so you don’t have to leave your office to slake your thirst. Wi-fi lets you remain connected to your workplace. It creates the perfect environment to stay focused on your work.

2. Perfect For Home Based Business

a prefabricated shed being used as a home based business

If you run a business out of your home, the shed can be more than just an office, it can double as a number of functions for your business. The right model of shed could be used as a storefront. If you have products, or equipment for services you provide, it can serve as storage for them. It’s secure from the weather, so everything is protected. With all the functions it can serve, it’s perfect for a home-based business.

3. Cost Savings

Office rental costs are rising, as are the costs of internet and other utilities. Then there’s the cost of gas when you have to drive to your office. A prefabricated shed can cut down on all of these. You aren’t renting an office, so once the shed is paid for, there’s no more monthly rent. The cost of utilities becomes part of your home bills, so while that still raises a bit, the cost is at least consolidated and easier to deal with. With the office being in your backyard, you don’t have to drive anywhere; no money wasted on gas and no time spent driving. Furthermore, if you’re running a business, the shed and the utility fees associated with it can be tax deductible as a business expense.

All in all, both the long term and the short term of buying a shed is significantly less than renting an office somewhere else. In the world of business, every bit of cost saving helps.

A Shed as a Home Office

There are plenty of benefits to using a shed as a home office. It saves time and money by cutting out driving and a lot of rental fees. It can serve several functions for your business and being separate from your house puts you away from most of the distractions. If you’re working from home, or running a business out of your home, a shed might be the perfect thing for you.