Benefits of Australia Immigration in 2020

Benefits of Australia Immigration in 2020

Did you know you can work part-time on a study visa in Australia? This is just one of the perks of working in Australia.

Did you know you can work part-time on a study visa in Australia? This is just one of the perks of working in Australia. Several other benefits come with Australia immigration. This is what has made Australia also known as Down Under as one of the leading immigration hotspots.

For an immigrant, Australia, the name itself is enough to project a country where people from around the world dream of making their living or pursue higher studies. Australia is a culturally diverse country and with a strong economy offers the opportunity to all those who wish to start a new life on its soil. The Australian government and immigration authority (MARA) consists of various categories to apply for a PR visa.

Various ways to immigrate to Australia

General Skilled Migration programs

The General Skilled Migration programs or Skill select considered as the skilled migrant category visa. Applicants can apply for a PR visa of Australia as a skilled worker applicant based on the credentials in different professional skills. These skills are educational qualification, work experience, and language proficiency. General Skilled Migration program follows a point-based system that is divided into a total of 5 subclasses. To be eligible for this visa category a minimum of 65 points is required.

Tourist Visa

The Tourist Visa can be valid for 3 or 6 months and sometimes it will extend till 12 months based on the ability of the individual, anyone can apply for the Australian Tourist visa. An individual can apply for the Tourist Visa through the internet, registered travel agencies and through service providers.

Student Visa

Studying in Australia is a great way to experience the Australian culture with world-class educational opportunities. A Study visa comes with the benefit of working and studying together throughout the course. You can work for 40 hours per fortnight. With a student visa, the doorway to extend your stay in Australia gets widened.

What are the benefits of immigration to Australia

Are you a skilled worker? An Entrepreneur? A student? Or a pleasure seeker? Never mind! Australia provides a high-quality lifestyle to its immigrants and many more. Let us dive into the world of perks that Australia has put together for foreign nationals.

Benefit #1: Wide variety of options

One of the things that immigrants look for in a country is the availability of different options. Moreover, Australia is among the country that provides both native and foreign citizens with many options in different areas for career growth. You can choose the kind of lifestyle that you wish for yourself and your family.

Benefit #2: Better working environment

Australia has one of the most powerful economies in the world. There are plenty of jobs available for a qualified person. Not only this, it has strong workplace protections with National Employment Standards that apply to all permanent employees in Australia. The national minimum wage AUD 18.29 per hour is high on the world scale. The government stipulated ‘award’ also set out the standard terms and conditions of employment, including the regulation of hours, breaks and other work arrangements in different industries. Australian workers get the benefit of ‘Superannuation’- a scheme that obliges employers to make compulsory contributions of 9.5% of your wage to a personal retirement account. These invested funds will then be released in a regular stream of payments after your retirement.

Benefit #3 World-class education system

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) listed Australia as above the world education standard, with over 85% of Australians completing a secondary education qualification. Schooling lasts for 13 years, and there is a mix of public, private and Catholic-based schools in every state. 45% of Australians also complete a tertiary qualification at vocational training centers or universities. The QS World Rankings listed five Australian universities in the top 50 institutions in the world. Australia is popular among international students to complete their studies.

Benefit #4 Welfare facility

Australia’s social welfare system Cent relink provides payments and services to people going through major times of change. With an assistant to available Australian residents, Cent relinks can cover temporary visa holders in some circumstances.

Benefit #5 Ranked 12th in safety

Most significantly, Indians choose to live in Australia because it is a safe country. The rate of violent crimes in India is 30 times higher than in Australia. Australia’s low crime rate benefits to its stable political situation and significant freedom of expression. Because of this, Australia is recognized as one of the safest countries in the world and is ranked 12 on the Global Peace Index.

Of course! There are documentations are required for immigration such as visa application and so forth. The whole immigration process can be daunting. To skip frustration and failure try connecting with best Indian consultants for jobs in Australia. The benefits above are the driving force behind the increasing number of people migrating to Australia.

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Source: Aspire World Immigration