When is the first time your child visits the Dentist?

When is the first time your child visits the Dentist?

It starts at home very early with getting familiar with cleaning their teeth and forming a routine every day. A healthy diet is also important.

The Canadian Dental Association recommends the assessment of infants, by a dentist, within 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth or by one year of age. The goal is to have your child visit the dentist before there is a problem with his or her teeth. In most cases, a dental exam every six months will let your child's dentist catch small problems early.

It begins at home and parents can begin by providing healthy meals and a routine of brushing and cleaning teeth every day. There are many ways to care for your child’s teeth on the CDA website.

4 reasons to take your child for dental exams:

• Your child can get familiar with the process and feel comfortable with the dentist

• You can find out if the cleaning you do at home is working.

• Your dentist can find problems right away and fix them.

• Your child can learn that going to the dentist helps prevent problems.

Taking care of our most precious ones

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Taking Care of our childs teeth

Having experience with children, Dr Jeff, understands that a dentist can sometimes be intimidating at first. Dr. Jeff and the staff will take the time to get to know you and your children so that the dentist is a positive experience

What Happens at the First Dental Visit?

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The first dental visit is usually short and involves very little treatment. This visit gives your child an opportunity to meet the dentist in a non-threatening and friendly way.

Some dentists may ask the parent to sit in the dental chair and hold their child during the exam. The parent may also be asked to wait in the reception area during part of the visit so that a relationship can be built between your child and your dentist.

During the exam, your dentist will check all of your child's existing teeth for decay, examine your child's bite, and look for any potential problems with the gums, jaw, and oral tissues. If indicated, the dentist or hygienist will clean any teeth and assess the need for fluoride. He or she will also educate parents about oral health care basics for children and discuss dental developmental issues and answer any questions.

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