We are excited to launch Ask Dr. Jeff The Dentist

We are excited to launch Ask Dr. Jeff The Dentist

Hello London, Ontario. We are excited to launch our new publication to help our clients better your neighbourhood Dentist!

What is Ask Dr. Jeff?

Every year, our clients ask us questions.  We know they can help so many more people.  We will keep you informed about whats happening and how our practice continues to evolve for the benefit of clients.

We also will be presenting tips to take care of the teeth and proudly keeping you informed about some of our community activities too.

Let's Get Started!

Speaking of community activities...

We often sponsor local sports teams, and this tip is for all of those people that are participating in sports.

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Take Care Of Your Teeth In Sports

Dr. Jeff Edward and the Byronwood Dental Staff are huge believers in getting kids started at the dentist early.

Let's start young preventing injuries both pertaining to teeth and head injuries.

Wear a mouth guard!

Dr. Jeff Edwards

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Ask Dr.Jeff