REAL versus POPULAR Astrology!

REAL versus POPULAR Astrology!

Ever wonder why some people are so hung up on astrology, while others think it's a load of crap? Read on...

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Popular Astrology

Popular astrology (horoscopes for 12 signs) tells us that there are essentially 12 different types of people, depending on which sun sign (star sign) we were born under.

By this line of thinking:

- All Aries born people are supposed to be assertive, daring, impulsive, and impatient.

- All Taurus men and women are assumed to be determined, persevering, resourceful, and stubborn.

- All Geminis want to talk/communicate, all the time, but may be too restless and scattered.

- All Cancers, young and old, should be caring and protective, but possibly oversensitive, brooding, and taking everything way too personally.

- All Leos are supposed to be known for their pride, charisma, and creativity, but they can also be vain and arrogant.

- All Virgos need to be practical, efficient and well-organized, but they can also be fussy, overcritical and nitpicking

- Are Libras always charming and polite, or are they more often weak and indecisive?

- Are all Scorpios naturally passionate and secretive, but way too obsessive for everyone else?

- Are all Sagittarians mostly jovial and optimistic, or maybe unrealistic and over-confident?

- Do all Capricorns believe in all work and no play as the best use of our time?

All our life dramas, our successes and failures, our ups and downs, our love attractions, and our breakups, our home, love and work life, are supposed to be dictated and determined by that single sign of the Zodiac!

Monthly and yearly horoscopes, for all 12 signs, available online and in printed publications, tend to support this idea, and many of us visit these sites, to take a sneak peek at what may be coming up next month (or next year) for our sign. Smartphone applications offers similar services and information for those interested in wanting to know more.

We claim that we don’t really buy into this ancient superstition, which has been supposedly proven to be wrong by modern science. We may agree that astrology isn’t real, that it doesn’t really work, and that it’s just a load of crap, cooked up for the more gullible half of our society.

When we search online for our sun sign description, we may agree with some of it, while we scoff at what we may consider either untrue or outrageous!

We may read our monthly horoscope, just to satisfy our own curiosity, since we only half believe that astrology can be true.

We can’t really find any scientific support for this, and we can’t really figure out where these predictions for each sign are coming from.

Are they all just a bunch of lies or something that someone else wrote for “entertainment purposes only”?

Still some of us come back next month, for more.

Real astrology

Real astrology is based on ancient knowledge, a deep understanding of our life cycles, our connection with nature, with the four seasons, and it recognizes that we are multi-layered, multi-faceted, and incredibly complex human beings.

The one sign per person formula can’t possibly describe or explain the wide range of our feelings, our emotions, our thoughts, our behaviours, and our attitudes!

Most of us act and behave differently at home, compared to at work. And, while we share the same outer reality, we view and process what we receive in different ways, with vastly different end results.

Our sun/star sign is incredibly important, in helping us set the general course for our life. It helps us define our life purpose, and our sense of importance in the world. But, we need to look elsewhere, to figure out our basic needs and daily habits.

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Self-care needs are reflected in our Moon, not our Sun, sign/house placement

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For example, if we have a complete astrology birth chart in front of us, we can look at our Moon sign and the house where our natal Moon is located, to understand what makes us feel safe and secure, how we can nurture our bodies, how comfortable we are with closeness and emotional ties, what our attitudes are towards home and family life, and how we care for (or are cared by) the loved ones in our life.

In addition, the realm of our personal relationships, the choices we make, what/who we think we deserve in life, the types and kinds of life partners we are going to attract, what we project outwardly, what signs or messages we send out into the world, and what/who we tend to attract into our lives, can be viewed from the Zodiac sign and from the house location of planet Venus in our astrology birth charts, as well as from the rising sign (which is commonly known as the Ascendant) and the sign that sits opposite to our rising sign (the Descendent) in our full natal astrology chart.

While the placement of Venus in our natal astrology chart describes how we choose to receive love and attention, the placement of planet Mars explains how we tend to give love. There are also corresponding areas in everyone’s birth chart which can help define this further. The list goes on...** Trying to view our rich personalities through the single viewpoint of "Sun sign astrology" is oversimplifying things, and robbing us of all the other equally important influences, biases, tendencies and energies that flow through, and colour our character traits!

We may never truly understand our strained and difficult family relations, if we choose to ignore the Moon’s placement and her message in our birth charts.

We may spend a couple of decades going from one bad relationship to another, experiencing disappointments and breakups, not realizing that our difficulty with accepting closeness, or our struggles with caring for others, or not allowing our loved ones to nurture us, is really what is stopping us from creating lasting and fulfilling relationships.

Understanding, accepting, and working with the energy of our Moon sign can also improve the quality of our home life, and create a supportive atmosphere, that will help us understand and get along with our loved ones.

The choices we make which reflect our "values" and our preferences (our "likes" and "dislikes") based on our "tastes" have a lot more in common with our natal Venus sign than with our sun/star sign. However, for some people, similarities may exist.

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Our likes and dislikes relate to our Venus, and not our Sun, sign/house placement

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Popular astrology, based solely on our sun sign, has very little to offer us in terms of real assistance or guidance in the present day, and even much less in terms of creating an understanding of what makes us tick and how our minds have been wired/conditioned since our birth.

Real astrology reflects an incredible range of possibilities, that exist within the 12 signs, 10 planets, and other key elements of the birth chart.

Knowing our sun sign can be very helpful in envisioning and creating our future, and maintaining our confidence while we continue to live in the present moment. But, without knowing and recognizing our Moon sign, our Venus sign, and other important elements of our charts, we will coninue to struggle with basic daily activities, make poor choices, and misdirect our energies. The world around us will continue to reflect our inner battles, our confusion, and our unhappiness, if we conitue to be disconnected from what we truly need, in order to nourish our souls and bodies (defined by the placement of our Moon, in our full natal astrology chart).

On that note, isn't it time you learned how to "Interpret your own Astrology Charts"?

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