Interested in a physical experience of the angels?

Interested in a physical experience of the angels?

If you are looking for a safe space to openly talk about your experience (or your desire to experience) the angels, check out Andrew Bray at The Mystic Tree.

If you are in the spiritual world, you have probably seen many meditation offerings or education sessions that involve the angels, but Andrew Bray's technique is unique.

Andrew begins his session by allowing each member of the group to open up as much, or as little, about their experience with angels, their intentions for the session, or simply what they ate for dinner.

He provides each participant with a simple, but effective, handout describing each of the angels that he plans to invite in for the session:

Andrew Bray, Energy Awaken, Angels, The Mystic Tree

Handout from Andrew Bray's "Connecting to your Angels" workshop at The Mystic Tree

Not only is Andrew able to hold space for people from all walks of life, in the same room, and make everyone feel welcome and comfortable, he also has a very unique way of supporting the participants' experience of the angels.

First he spoke a bit about each angel:

Archangel Michael, Andrew Bray, Energy Awaken, The Mystic Tree

Archangel Michael

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Archangel Michael - who Andrew explained could be called on for protection, with his glowing blue sword.

Archangel Gabriel, Andrew Bray, Energy Awaken, The Mystic Tree

Archangel Gabriel

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Archangel Gabriel - who Andrew described as God's messenger.

Archangel Raphael, Andrew Bray, Energy Awaken, The Mystic Tree

Archangel Raphael

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Archangel Raphael - who Andrew described as one of the primary angels involved in healing.

Guardian Angel, Andrew Bray, Energy Awaken, The Mystic Tree

Our Guardian Angel

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Our Guardian Angel - Andrew explained that we may have more than one, and they are with us all of our life.

The meditation was split into two sections.

In the first meditation, Andrew guided the group to a relaxed state, and then one by one, Andrew literally asked each of the Archangels (listed above) to step into our bodies, as he described what it felt like to him to embody each Archangel.

Interestingly enough, although he verbalized his experience during this process, each member of the group had their own visceral/physical experience of each Archangel and whatever guidance each angel had for them.

In my case, it was interesting because Archangel Micheal indicated that I already had a book in my home with the answer to my question. Archangel Gabriel literally and physically demonstrated to me that he had nothing for me at this time and that I should speak to Archangel Chamuel instead. And Archangel Raphael showed me my family and the healing work that he and I are doing together. Archangel Raphael also asked me to step into this healing role more, in a playful way.

I was also able to experience some lightbody surgery during this process, to disentangle the issue I mentioned at the beginning as my intention for attending the session.

I did not know Andrew Bray was versed in lightbody work, apparently he might be, see here.

After the first meditation Andrew gave each participant a chance to discuss their experience, if they wanted to.

The Mystic Tree, Workshops, Spirituality, Support, Healing

The Mystic Tree - Workshop Room

Then Andrew led us into a second meditation, which he explained often felt more personal and closer to home.

He guided the group to relax and then invited each of our Guardian Angels in to be with us.

In my case I found it very interesting that my Guardian Angel was not interested in talking, she just kept saying: "shhh, let me hold you, you're ok". In truth, that is all I needed.

I am grateful for this experience.

I am not sure if everyone would have the same experience as I did, probably not. But I think each participant would get what they needed at that time, as was the case in the session I attended.

Something of great interest to me was, at the end of the session, Andrew Bray mentioned that we are now all attuned to each of these Archangels and to our Guardian Angel (much as would be the case after receiving certification in an energy healing modality, such as Reiki), and can call on them at any time.

I have actually called on my Guardian Angel a few times since the session, and she is still there, as Andrew assured she always would be.

I find this very interesting, as someone with a solid background in Mental Health - as a researcher, practitioner, and client.

So many traditional methods for treating Mental Health issues work on trying to change the person (i.e., Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Shock Therapy, Mindfulness, Deep Brain Stimulation, Medication, you name it!), but this is simple acceptance and love, and all we really need.

If you are looking for a visceral/physical experience of the angels and to becoming physically and energetically attuned to your Guardian Angel, whom you can call on at any time, check out the sessions offered by Andrew Bray, and others at The Mystic Tree.