Healing with unconditional love at The Mystic Tree

Healing with unconditional love at The Mystic Tree

It is obvious when you are working with a healing practitioner who puts unconditional love into his service. This is what you will find with Brian Gray.

Although this photo is taken from Brian's home office, his offering is equally powerful when he works out of The Mystic Tree.

His modality is hard to describe because it is so varied, including: Usui and Kundalini Reiki®, Integrated Energy Therapy®, Crystal-Energy, Animal Communications, Angel Guidance & Healing, Mediumship, Rainbow-Energy-Healing, Intuitive & Vibrational Dowsing, Aqualead, Queldon, Unicorn Symbols, Emergentus, Dyanstir, and Chromalive® Colour Therapy.

In my session with Brian, he tuned into my energy before I arrived. He laid all the items he felt would be supportive for my session on a table.

When I arrived, we chatted, I confirmed what my objectives were, and he introduced me to everything on the table (including: feathers, crystals, cards, and Unicorn Symbols).

Brian Gray

Crystals, Feathers, Pendulum, and Calibrating Wands

Then I chose a few cards to put beneath my pillow while I laid down, and he did some light touch energy work.

Brian Gray

Table for light touch Energy Work

During the energy work, he handed me items from the table to hold at different times, he put a few crystals around me, and he communicated with me, as needed, to get some feedback on how the energy was moving, or getting stuck.

He empowered me to see if I could identify and use my own methods to facilitate my healing, and asked if it was necessary for me to focus on certain memories in order to move forward. Most importantly, he respected my response, with no judgement.

After the session he gave me a few crystals and symbols to support the stage I was at (no additional charge), with a write up to describe the properties of the main crystal. We also took a look at the cards I selected at the beginning of the session. I took pictures of what the cards meant from his book, and everything felt very relevant for where I am at right now.

Brian Gray

Cards, Unicorn Symbols, Crystals, and thoughtful referral information

It was a nice process.

Brian is also very humble and easily refers clients to other practitioners if he feels they would benefit from their expertise as well.

He was also very honest when I asked him if he felt qualified to support some of my friends who have certain goals and issues.

In addition to everything above, I recommend him because he is honest, his prices are fair, and he is not living in ego. When we look for someone to facilitate our healing or to teach us some skills, I think these are important aspects to consider.

Many people have walked away with some great skills, that they could apply right away, after taking the workshops that he offers at The Mystic Tree, including:

Spirituality is supposed to be beautiful, gentle, creative, fun, affordable, and safe! And, like I said, getting the client into a state of unconditional love is key. You will find this when working with Brian.

These are the kinds of practitioners The Mystic Tree owner Alison Bajona strives to bring into her store to best serve her clients.

Come on into The Mystic Tree to check out the amazing products and the schedule of upcoming events and workshops.