2020 and beyond - a western astrology perspective PART TWO

2020 and beyond - a western astrology perspective PART TWO

This is part two to a series of how "what is happening today" can be seen through the lens of western astrology, and the placements of the planets in our sky...

Part ONE can be found HERE.

Introduction by Alahnnaa Campbell (Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist, You Have A Life Plan)...

"There are some ridiculous deals going around out there, but the one in the cover photo has got to be one of the silliest!

My husbands response to this deal was: "But how are they going to get there (to Mars)?", ha ha. And my response is: "The spiritual folk already know that the martians blew up their planet. This is why they are watching, to see what we are doing now, with our current situation".

Of course, Mars still stands, but, according to spiritual folklore, it is inhabitable because of the greed for control by those in power. I.e., Those in power conducted an experiment that failed badly and it destroyed their planet.

If this sounds familiar, see: "There’s a lot of answers for you here...".

According to some, we have so many stars/lights in our sky right now (or since the end of 2012), because the martians and other ETs want to see if we can do better.

I included the photo above and this intro here, because, when Stan saw that I included the astrological snapshot of our sky, at the moment that they announced the after March Break school closures in Part ONE to this article, he noticed how interesting it was that at that time the Moon was in opposition to Uranus, and he asked me to include the moment of Mars-Jupiter conjunction and Saturn-Uranus square, which I will do for Part THREE.

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Here is Part TWO, by Stan Dynak:

Some of the outer planets cycles, between Jupiter and Uranus or Jupiter and Saturn for example, are relatively short-lived (between 14 and 20 years). Every time these planets begin a new cycle, they help us reset parts of our reality. Reflecting the need for a brand new game of life, and, in some ways, helping us to overwrite the rules of the social game for a couple of decades.

Longer cycles, (Saturn-Pluto 33-38 years; Saturn-Uranus 45 years), usually herald deeper changes, that tend to have more profound effects, influencing decades of our lives, and sometimes becoming the ‘birthmark’ of an entire generation.

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Will this event become a birthmark on an entire generation?

Photo by Maksym Zakharyak on Unsplash

Shorter cycles may occasionally gather up, with their beginnings, endings, and critical juncture points, sending a combined cosmic effect our way, within a few months, or inside of a 12-month window.

Longer cycles are usually (but not always) spread much further apart, offering us a good amount of time to process, digest, and integrate the new changes into our consciousness, and into our lives.

2020 and beyond - a western astrology perspective PART TWO

The mid 60s were a great example of three of these longer cycles culminating within a couple of years. Although their influence, combined with our delayed reaction, coloured most of that decade. Looking back, we certainly had the potential then, to create and sustain a new reality, and a new way of living. However, we may have missed that opportunity, to develop a new understanding of our contribution to society, and to the world.

2020 and beyond - a western astrology perspective PART TWO

In 1993, we witnessed another rare event, with planets Uranus and Neptune coming together in the sign of Capricorn. This event also had a long-lasting effect, influencing our culture, and the development of new technologies, over a longer window of time (roughly 3-5 years), with its long-term effects spreading well into the twenty-first century.

Astrologers have long been speculating about the planetary influences coming to the forefront in 2020 and 2021, and the overall effect of their combined energies impacting our lives.

The main reason behind their curiosity, and their increased interest in consulting their ‘crystal balls’ about these two years was simple enough to describe, but increasingly difficult to comprehend, and to project into our future, trying to determine how this may actually play out on the world stage.

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How will this all play out?

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

In 2020, three of the major planetary cycles will have their new beginnings, while four additional cycles will be reaching critical points, between 2020 and 2021.

The sign of Capricorn will provide most of the battleground for these heavenly events, but the sign of Taurus (with planet Uranus firmly planted there) will also be involved.

Three new major cycles, beginning in 2020, could possibly indicate a brand new social and economic game, with new rules and regulations, for which new seeds are being sown today, with a potential promise of a better or different tomorrow, sometime down the line. Out with the old and in with the new, as a new deck of cards is being dealt worldwide.

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A new deck of cards is being dealt worldwide!

Photo by Sergi Viladesau on Unsplash

Other big cycles reaching their critical points this year and next year lead me to believe that: we should also search for the roots of these present-day challenges and tragic events in our distant past.

Long-term planetary cycles, which developed in the late 80s and early 90s, but also between the years of 2010-2020, seemed to have come and gone, gifting our lives with laptops, Internet, social media, smartphones, frequent air travel, ongoing record profits (for financial heavy-weights and business corporations), and seemingly relaxed lifestyles, with increasingly more work time and diminished family time and time dedicated to wind down and recharge our bodies.

While we used to work to live (and to create a better lifestyle) in the 70s and 80s, we began to live to work in the 90s as well as into the 21st century.

We traded our freedom and our clear divisions between work time and social time for more financial entanglements.

Admittedly, most of us got squeezed into these new working and living conditions, while simply trying to make a living and building a better life for ourselves and our loved ones. But, very few of us noticed, that we have been gradually and steadily pushed into a corner, with less and less options available, outside of the main economic system, while the world became more tightly interconnected and interdependent. National borders and intercontinental distances started to disappear and shrink.

In other words, we all have collectively contributed to the present-day crisis situation, while allowing our political and economic powers to maintain the status quo, and being content with the way things are.

While we were focused primarily on our individual lives, and ways to make a living, we ignored the signs of our slowly crumbling social structures, which no longer support the interests of an individual.

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What have we done?

Photo by Victoria Heath on Unsplash

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Until then, take good care of yourself, and your loved ones!