2020 and beyond - a western astrology perspective Part SIX

2020 and beyond - a western astrology perspective Part SIX

This is the conclusion to our multipart series, of how "what is happening today" can be seen through the lens of western astrology...

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As the conclusion to a multi-part series, if you have the time, we recommend you go back to Part ONE, or go to the Practical Spiritual Services e-magazine homepage to see your options. Alternatively feel free to just jump in here, and follow back, through the links, as your interests guide you - choose your own adventure, and the level of detail that you seek.

If you try to hold onto the planets and make sense of all of this in your mind, you will probably get dizzy, and give up. So, how about you just sit back and let me tell you a story, see if what I have to say resonates with your perception of the truth, and trust that the decades I have spent immersed in the ancient wisdom of western astrology has led me to share something of value?

Tuck yourself in, and get ready for an amazing adventure (that is our present day lives).

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Sit back, relax, and let me tell you a story...

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World history of the past 40-50 years can help us recall at least a few reality-altering events which took place in the 1980s, the 1990s, and the 2000s.

All of these events were tied to, or precipitated by, major planetary alignments, between the usual key players in the skies.

This ‘perfect storm’, that we are currently experiencing, wouldn’t have been possible, or would be happening on a much more limited scale, if it weren't for the previous planetary cycles (increasing the stakes), and our inability to respond effectively (on a global level) to the previous calls for action.

Our current "world pandemic" scenario was just one of the possible outcomes, or ways in which we are now being forced to rethink and rework our current situation (and our activities), within the constraints of nations and local communities.

A sufficiently large meteorite striking the earth, a series of massive earthquakes, damaging tornadoes, tsunamis, or any number of other natural disasters could have just as easily sealed our fate for months or years, in a very similar fashion.

In fact, this 88yr old futurist thinks we are on the brink of the 6th mass extinction and the evolution/birth of the homo sapien universales:

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Gaia TV - Barbara Max Hubbard


We are now being asked to rely more heavily on our own, private resources, and to live within our financial limits, while not having the usual luxury of the state, the province, and the financial institutions at our backs, and watching over our shoulders.

Yes, there is some degree of government assistance being offered, but that still leaves a huge number of us facing daily expenses and mounting monthly bills to pay or worry about, either today, or in the near future.

From a long-term perspective, Pluto has been working on transforming our physical reality since 2008; identifying eroding structures, institutions, organizations, and areas of our lives which were WAY overdue for a complete rebuild, from the ground up.

This process remained partially hidden in the background, unnoticed by the general public until the end of 2017, when Saturn entered the sign of Capricorn.

Jupiter eventually caught up with this planetary duo, at the end of 2019, adding even more weight to this evolving scenario, which brings us to the present time-frame, and to this "sudden, unexpected, and unprecedented world pandemic", which has been brewing, as a catalyst (one of many possibilities), for major change, for about a decade.

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All the planets working together to support us to rebuild our reality!


While the current Saturn-Pluto conjunction has been building up and gaining the momentum for several months in 2019, it became exact on January 12, 2020.

I don’t usually pay very close attention to the exact degrees of planetary conjunctions (or other major aspects), but it is interesting to note here, that this conjunction took place at 23 degrees of Capricorn (22 degrees and 46 minutes to be exact). This happens to be the exact same degree, of the more recent Mars-Jupiter conjunction, which occurred on March 20th 2020, at roughly the same time, when the world started to pay close attention to the spread of the corona virus, and the media began to bombard us with daily news of the latest developments.

From a western astrology perspective, there is a glimmer of hope, expected in late April and early May 2020, as some of the key planets will move on or slow down their daily motion. This may help bring the current situation under control, or allow us to come up with more accurate and realistic predictions, about the possible end date of this "world pandemic".

Other significant events, in the second half of 2020, and this year’s winter solstice, on December 21st 2020, coinciding with Jupiter-Saturn's Great Conjunction, in the early degrees of Aquarius, may also be interpreted as positive influences (or hints from our solar system) that we could be on the threshold of a new cycle of growth and development, with the world powers, science, and medicine choosing to cooperate, for the benefit of humanity.

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Government, Science, and Medicine working together to SUPPORT Humanity (instead of what we have now...)


It just so happens, that the final conjunction, of Jupiter and Pluto, in November 2020, will also take place, at 23 degrees of Capricorn. Possibly pointing to this degree, as having some hidden esoteric, spiritual, or healing meaning for the world.

Coincidence, fate, synchronicity, or delusion?

I see no involvement of Neptune, so my bet is: This is not a delusion!

Some astrologers use Sabian Symbols, when analysing meanings of solar or lunar eclipses, since these heavenly events also culminate at exact degree points in the skies.

The symbolic meaning assigned to the 23rd degree of Capricorn is:

A soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat.

The keynote for this degree is even more revealing, in my opinion:

The reward offered by society, for the fulfillment of individual responsibility.

To me, this implies that:

There needs to be a constant give-and-take, between society and the individual, and each one should be able to trust the other.

I want to believe that we are collectively evolving, transforming, and ascending, to a place with no greed, no hunger, no countries, and no religion, where all the people will be living life in peace, as the famous John Lennon’s lyrics portray in his song: Imagine, below.

I (Stan Dynak) do have significant aspects to Neptune, in my natal astrology chart, which makes me more hopeful, and more of a dreamer, than most.

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While this would be truly wonderful to experience, something tells me that we still have some work to do here, and some time to spend in this 3D reality, before we depart for good, if at all.

And, as long as we are still here in the physical realm, we have a chance to rework and rebuild our reality and our life on Earth.

The time frame between January and November 2020 may be less telling about the duration of this "pandemic" and more showing us the time when we will need to work together, cooperate, get along, and support (or help) one another.

Although the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will occur in late December 2020 (as mentioned above), which usually marks the beginning of a new cycle of economic growth and social interactions, whether this is for better or worse, a brave new world, or more of the same, is yet to be determined.

I hope we will see this new growth occur in a much different reality, with redefined and renewed community, where we are closely connected with our neighbours and local businesses, working together, to rebuild what will be essential for us to make a decent living, in the next decade or so. And, I hope that we will also find more joy, and true happiness, in what we do, and how we contribute, to the local community, on a daily basis, where our actions and our efforts, will directly impact, the lives of those around us.

As I mentioned, in a previous section of this series, the planets will continue their heavenly dance, regardless of what we choose to do down here. So, lets make the most of it!

If you spend just 10 minutes each day, thinking about the reality you want to create for this world, it will have no choice, but to come to fruition. Please do this for us all!

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Times of Pluto cycles and activations are often about the survival of the fittest, and having to rediscover our personal power, in face of some great fear.

I think ‘the fittest’, this time around, will prove to be those who will adjust and adapt to the new reality. Those who will not hesitate to say goodbye to some of the comforts and luxuries of our "old" lifestyle, while welcoming in this new reality, where we may need to rely on each other a lot more than in the past.

As the existing social support system, won’t be able to provide for all of us, for the length of time it will take, to rebuild the basic foundations of our life. And maybe that is not a bad thing.

In fact, the corona virus attacks the lungs. The lungs are about processing sadness and grief. They are connected to the large intestines, from a TCM perspective. The large intestines are about letting go. Those who are able to grieve and let go, letting this virus move through them (symbolically, if not physically) will probably fair much better in this process, than those who will cling tight, for dear life, constricting their own airways, because they can not let go, and allow life to happen for them, as intended.

See here for an article about how to: Prepare your body for the Corona Virus

If you want to know WHO you are, and how you can master yourself, in this time, and always, reach out to Alahnnaa or Stan, join us for the free online info session on April 26th, 2020. See if we have some of the answers you seek.

In fact, the answers are always within YOU, in YOUR charts.

All we can do is point you to look at your selves, again. The self you may have forgotten, when you allowed this reality to brainwash you into thinking you were anything less than who you are. We are all amazing, and we are also all a work in progress. Work on yourselves, deliver your gifts, be here, for 2020, 2027, and beyond. The world is shifting!

Just look up Human Design Global Cycles, and you will see. We are moving into The Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix - this means, we have to wake up, pick up our own bags, and be of service. As we serve others, they serve us, and this is the only way we are going to survive.

Look at your network. If you do not have one, it is time to make one. One where people will care for you, even if you do not have a penny in your pocket. Because, they value YOU, not because they have to, but because what you can do for them, nobody else can do. Find your gifts. The clock is ticking, tic tic tic tic.

And, value yourself! Don't feel guilty when you are doing your part, and others have to pick up the slack in other areas of your life. Its a dance, we all ebb and flow, and we are all of value. So, do you, I want to see you shine!

You may say "I'm a dreamer", but I'm not the only one, I hope one day, you'll join us, and the world will live as one <3...

Sincerely, and Wishing you all the best!

If you want to join us on April 26th, email alahnnaa18@yourlifeplan.ca so she can put you on the list, send you the link to join us online, and get your natal astrology chart ready, so we can get you some answers, even in the FREE info session, with no obligation or pressure to sign up for the paid course!

Alahnnaa Campbell, Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist, You Have A Life Plan, YourLifePlan.ca, and

Stan Dynak, Astrology Consultant, AstroInsights.ca