Step into offering bike taxi services by launching the Rapido clone

Step into offering bike taxi services by launching the Rapido clone

Offer your customers the convenient way of travelling on two wheels and zip through the city. Save commuters from the hassles of traveling in overpopulated mode

Hi! Most entrepreneurs delay their venture because of two major reasons. One is finance, and the other is the scope among users. So, this blog will suggest a brilliant business idea that is in favor of you both in terms of scope and finance. It is a bike taxi business. Have you ever poured thoughts on bike taxi services? If not, this is high time to consider deploying your bike taxi services.

In today’s times, people find it hard to parse through the traffic. With many four-wheelers dominating the traffic, it is the best idea to opt for bike taxis. Users will prefer bike taxis as they will be affordable and also timely. One of the biggest advantages of bike taxis is reduced fuel consumption. With this, we shall jump to the bike taxi app development.

Rapido Clone - A Perfect Choice For Bike Taxi App Development

You might be familiar with Rapido, a bike taxi service that has a vast user base. The main idea behind Rapido is to offer affordable transportation services. And, there arose the need for bike taxis. Users can book bikes from the app, and the driver will pick them up from their location. Taking inspiration from Rapido, app developers came up with the idea of Rapido clone app development. As promised earlier, Rapido clone app development is budget-friendly, and therefore you don’t have to worry about investments.

How can users book bike taxi rides?

Signing up is the first step after which users can log in to the app.

Next, users will enter their pick-up and drop-off locations on the app and confirm the request.

Based on the user’s request and location details, the driver will pick-up the user.

Meanwhile, users can check the location of the driver through the in-app location tracking feature.

After reaching the destination, the user will make the payment.

Stunning features of the Rapido clone

GPS tracking

Ride charge estimation

Ride history

Live navigation

Push notifications



The bike taxi service is one of the best transportation services businesses. Launch the Rapido clone and offer seamless bike taxi services to users. Good luck!