Prime features every Uber for cuddling app must have

Prime features every Uber for cuddling app must have

Find yourself in a hurdle? All you need is a cuddle! With an on-demand cuddle app, start your successful cuddling business in no time. Get your Uber for cuddlin

Who doesn’t like a warm cuddle from their loved ones? Everyone single person wishes to get hugged when they feel low or stressed. But what about people who do not have dear ones to share their worries with? Such people are found to encounter depression and anxiety more often than other people facing similar situations.

Uber for cuddling is a service offered by professionals to help people who are feeling a bit gloomy and downcast to get better, by offering them a warm and tight hug. The act of sharing platonic hugs is known to relieve people from stress to a great extent, along with boosting their immunity. Thus, starting an Uber for cuddling business is a lucrative idea that you should consider.

If you decide to get into the development of an app that serves as a marketplace to connect people looking for cuddling services with service providers, you should consider a few prime features to include in the app.

Availability toggle

Allow cuddling service providers to set their availability date and time using this feature. This helps users to search for cuddling professionals available at the moment rather than waiting for someone who is not prepared to offer the service.

Cancel or Reschedule appointments

Let users cancel the cuddling service they scheduled if they are busy with other work. You can fix a time till which they are free to cancel their bookings or reschedule it as per their convenience.

Push notifications

Notify users and service providers about the upcoming bookings, so they do not miss out on any appointments. Also, you can keep them informed about their booking status, share promo codes, and more through push notifications.

Ratings and Reviews

Allow users to rate and review the cuddling service offered to them. It helps other users looking for cuddling services to choose the ones who have the highest ratings for assured results.

Get your on-demand cuddle app developed with the features mentioned above and get the ball rolling!