Launch a high-tech instant messaging app with robust WhatsApp Clone

Launch a high-tech instant messaging app with robust WhatsApp Clone

We are one of the leading instant messaging app development companies. Our white-label WhatsApp clone script comes with handy support for both iOS and Android

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The impact of WhatsApp in the communication industry is phenomenal. It has become an inevitable part of our daily lives, already replacing standard SMS messaging apps. Looking at the success of WhatsApp, the entrepreneurs who would like to conquer the communication industry have started to develop a WhatsApp Clone.

By using cutting-edge technology, WhatsApp like apps is now used for various applications like in-app chats, medical consultation, marketing, etc.

Let’s look at how the WhatsApp Clone can be used for businesses.

Best internal communication tool

The benefit of using WhatsApp for internal communication is because of the fact everyone has smartphones that they use and it is easier. For group communication, the employees can use it by creating a group chat instantly. It is becoming much easier since they can share information with each other in no time while compared with the slow speed of creating an email, CC’ing to members, and then waiting for their reply.

Exceptional marketing tool

It is the best marketing tool, as it creates a straightforward communication platform with its target audience. The WhatsApp clone can be used for sending audio files, pictures, or short video clips to the customers for gaining attention. Since there is no restriction in sharing content as we do in face-to-face interaction or SMS, this app is mostly preferred.

Enhanced tool for teleconsultation

The WhatsApp clone can be used by the doctors to provide consultation regarding health queries. It comes in handy when a situation like the COVID-19 pandemic arrives. Nearly 9 out of 10 Brazilian doctors communicate with their patients using apps like WhatsApp, due to the healthy privacy controls, according to the Cello Health Insight. The app played a crucial role in the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil, where the doctors shared symptoms and cures of the virus instantly.

Countries like Germany and China have the highest percentage of usage of the app by the doctors who communicate with their patients.

Safe payments

Apart from just communication or interactions among the users, the app can also be helpful for the users to connect with different sectors like payments apps, bidding apps, etc. Anyways, the customers can also have an option to choose the business they want to interact with or to block any further transactions from the company. One more added feature is that the business can accept payments directly and can, in-turn gives its users some offers, discount vouchers, etc.


If you are hell-bent on the development of the app, then the WhatsApp Clone scripts are readymade solutions available for the instant launch, without having to develop it from scratch. They are customizable, highly scalable, and are available at an affordable price. So get to an expert development company like Appdupe and propel your sleek app in no time!