Kick-start Your Ride-hailing Business With A Well-functioning Bike Taxi App

Kick-start Your Ride-hailing Business With A Well-functioning Bike Taxi App

On-demand Bike Taxi software to help entrepreneurs in creating a fully functional bike taxi commute app.This custom bike taxi app solution comes with pre-loaded

On-demand transportation apps offer a more sophisticated platform for users to schedule their rides. In earlier days, scheduling rides was not this easy when people used to contact agencies to book their taxis. After the advent of taxi booking apps, now it is time for an advanced version of transportation.

Taxi cabs are not affordable all the time. For example, if someone wants to reach a nearby place, taxis will not be affordable for them. Instead, bikes would be a better option for them. This is the core concept behind the development of bike taxi apps.

In many metropolitan cities, bike taxi apps are a clear hit and have gained more users. If you are an entrepreneur, developing a bike taxi application will be a better choice for you to gain more revenue.

How do bike taxi apps work?

Firstly, the users will download the app and register themselves with the app.

The users can enter their location and search for rides nearby their location.

The ride request will be sent to all the drivers in that location.

The drivers will accept the ride request and collect details about their pickup point.

Upon receiving the ride details, the drivers will proceed to the location to pick up the riders.

After completing the ride, the rider will pay the driver through his feasible payment method.

Now, it's time for the riders to rate their experience with the ride.

What are the important features to include in the bike taxi app?

Once you have decided to develop your bike taxi app, the next step is to decide on the enchanting features to include in the app. Here are the following features that are a must-have for your app.

Easy booking options

The users should be given the ease of booking their rides effortlessly. So, enable the app with an easy booking process. The users can enter their current location details and destination details to book their rides.

Fare estimation

Your bike taxi application should have an in-built algorithm that can calculate the cost of the trip instantly. This will help the users to know about the fare before boarding their rides.

Real-time tracking

The users can track their rides in real-time. Once they booked their ride, they can start tracking their rides to know the location of their vehicles.

Payment option

At the growing edge of technology, there are several options available for payment processing. So, provide more than one option for making their payments. You can also include options like card payments, net banking, mobile wallets, etc.,


This is one of the important options to include in the app. The app will send notifications to the users to keep them engaged with the app. The ride-booking summary and fare estimates will be sent through these notifications.

Summing up,

Dear entrepreneurs! Bike taxi apps are emerging in the market as an on-demand service. Even people have liked the concept where they can travel to their nearby locations at an affordable price. Brace up yourself to enter the market with a robust and feature-rich bike taxi app.