How to launch an on-demand app like Thumbtack and TaskRabbit?

How to launch an on-demand app like Thumbtack and TaskRabbit?

Get white-label TaskRabbit Clone to launch your own On-Demand Service Marketplace like Taskrabbit and Thumbtack. Highly Scalable, and 100% Customizable.

As individuals, we are bound by our busy schedules, and we rarely find time to complete our tasks. So, what happens is all our work is piled up, and we end up finding professionals to complete the tasks. Mobile applications are our great savior. They are like our bolt from the blue during difficult situations.

On-demand apps like TaskRabbit and Thumbtack provide a plethora of services for people. Through these apps, people can also find people who can complete their tasks. Unlike delivery apps, the professionals will reach their place to get their work done.

These days, on-demand apps have become popular among people. In this fast-paced world, these apps are our real blessing. Let us go in-depth to know more about these on-demand apps.

What are the steps to follow for developing an on-demand app?

Firstly, conduct your market research to understand its demands and trends. This will help you fix an agenda for your app business.

Know your competitors in the market and view their product performance. Through this, you can analyze the gaps which you can try to fix in your app.

Decide on your business model and the type of services you will offer in the app. Jot down all the possible services. Work out on the more feasible ones.

After finalizing the on-demand services, now it's time to decide on your app features.

Approach app development companies to develop your on-demand app. Remember, while choosing a company, make sure they are well versed in on-demand apps.

How to get started with your on-demand app development?

It will surely take you a bunch of time to develop it when it comes to app development. Approximately, you will have to spend nearly 6 to 7 months developing the app from scratch. The cost will also be considerably more in developing your app. On the other hand, we have ready-made cloned app development.

You can approach top app development companies that can offer you white-label on-demand apps. These apps are open for customization, and you can personalize them the way you want them.

Some of the popular ready-made solutions for your business is,

TaskRabbit clone

The TaskRabbit clone is a replicated app version of the standard model. This ready-to-launch app is a popular opinion among entrepreneurs who are willing to start their business. This is because the TaskRabbit clone is developed with such a business model and features that make it unique among other on-demand apps.

Thumbtack clone

Another popular name in the on-demand apps is Thumbtack. The ready-made Thumbtack clone will be another feasible option for you to start your on-demand app. The white-label solution of the app will allow you to customize the app in the way you want it.

On a concluding note,

On-demand apps have become a dire need for our life. Right from plumbing, gardening, cleaning, and many more tasks are available in these apps. However, if you are in the idea of launching an on-demand app, I suggest you go with any of the two above-mentioned options.