How to develop an E-learning app like Udemy

How to develop an E-learning app like Udemy

Are you looking to build and launch a mobile phone application that will rake in a profitable revenue?

Technology has transformed several industrial sectors. It has revolutionized how people buy and order items and/or services. With such tasks having become simple, so has the learning industry. The advent of e-learning platforms has witnessed great favor from avid students. Offering a multiplicity of advantages over conventionally learning, here’s why it is a lucrative sector to put your entrepreneur skills to use into.

Education has made great progress since its early days. No longer do learners have to physically visit educational institutions to get their daily dose of knowledge. High-speed internet and advanced smartphones together have made it possible to access courses from anywhere at any time. With such convenient flexibility, E-learning platforms are garnering a rapidly increasing number of users.

You can develop a world-class e-learning application just like Udemy with a Udemy clone app. Built with scripts that code for integral features, clone apps offer scalability in addition to complete customizability. Simply employ a clone app to instantly deploy your very own e-learning application. It readily provides you with features like,

  • Social login
  • Course selection
  • Checkout cart
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Course reminders
  • Subscription plans
  • In-app purchases
  • Course certification and more

To get started, you will need a robust Udemy clone app. AppDupe is an app development company that has extensive expertise in building top-class clone apps, contact them today.