Develop a taxi booking software and roll out your ride-hailing services

Develop a taxi booking software and roll out your ride-hailing services

The perfect solution for entrepreneurs & startups to customize, enhance, and expand their on-demand business.

Hey! The ride-hailing services are the talk of the town. As people show a high preference for on-demand taxi services it is the right time to develop a taxi booking app. A few years ago, Uber came up with the concept of hailing taxis by booking through mobile apps. Later, many business persons followed Uber’s model which paved the way for cutthroat competition in the marketplace.

Why is Uber's business model the most appreciated model?

Let us look at the business model implemented by Uber for ride-hailing services. There are two types of algorithms used in Uber’s business model for taking up ride requests.

User pick model

When a user wishes to book a taxi, he/she will see through the list of drivers who are available. Based on the availability, and drivers who are located nearby, users can send ride requests to them. If the driver accepts the users’ request, then he/she will send an alert to users regarding the confirmation.

Driver pick model

Unlike the previous algorithm where users can choose the driver, here the app will automatically assign rides to drivers based on availability. If the driver accepts the ride, then the user will get a notification regarding the same.

Due to the flexibility of Uber’s business model, business persons just idolize their business model. Next, we shall spiral down to the features that are embedded in the taxi booking software.

List of features available in taxi dispatch software

Location tracking - After confirming the ride, users can know the area or location in which the driver is currently.

Real-time map navigation - In order to help drivers in navigating to the users’ location, the app will provide live navigation. Drivers can follow the route displayed by the in-app map.

Integrated payment - With integrated payment facilities, users can pay for rides using the listed payment modes.

Price estimator - Knowing the price of the ride in advance will definitely lure users. based on the price, they can decide whether to opt for the service or not.

Time estimator - Similar to how the app calculates the price of the ride, the arrival time is also calculated. Drivers can reach the destination on time by following the in-app direction assistance.


I think that you will be quite astonished by reading this blog on Uber like taxi app development. Take this further by launching the taxi booking software that will bring in more users.