Develop a school bus tracking system that snatches attention

Develop a school bus tracking system that snatches attention

Develop a comprehensive smartphone application that will ensure that students commute between their homes and the school safely, on-time and smoothly.

Hi there! Transportation is inevitable. To solve the inconvenience of commuting via public transportation, people started looking for private transportation services. The on-demand ride-hailing services are dominating the private transportation industry. Hence, businesses eye this as the best chance to reach out to users.

While there are many taxi services available, you can stay ahead of the crowd by providing transportation services for school students. With a school bus tracking software you can offer safer transportation for students. Parents will no longer have to keep guessing about the arrival of children as they can track the location of the bus with the app.

Here, we will be looking about how come developing a school bus tracking software will be beneficial. The features of the app are sure to guarantee a streamlined way for organizations to manage their buses.

Track buses

The app has a tracking API that lets parents trace out the location of the bus. Even the school management can have a check of the location of their buses.

Estimated time of arrival

Based on the commencement of the ride, parents will receive estimated timing details. The timing details are calculated based on certain factors like the distance from school to home, traffic, etc.,


Before leaving the school campus, the driver or the school management will enter the details of the students who are about to travel in the bus. Parents can check whether their children travel in the bus via the attendance.


Drivers can find the routes to various pick up and drop off points via the app’s navigation feature. The navigation facility will remove the struggle to find the routes.

Manage drivers

The school administration can easily manage the driver by assigning them for buses. The school administration can also manually assign the route in which the bus has to travel.


These are really must-have features of a school bus tracking software. Launching this school bus software will benefit parents, school administration, and also your business.