Cut through the bike taxi apps traffic in the market with the Rapido Clone app

Cut through the bike taxi apps traffic in the market with the Rapido Clone app

Rapido clone app is a highly customizable and scalable on-demand bike taxi booking software.

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With the scheduled lifestyle that we are following right now, it is now becoming a painful task even to hail a car and reach our destination. We want to weave through the traffic like a superhero, which is not possible considering that we are just human beings. But to maintain both the schedule and to skip the traffic, people are now using apps like Rapido.

And you want to know about the revenue? The bike taxi alone is earning five million per year. The Rapido app alone makes an average of 15,000 scheduled rides and 30,000 rides a day. By providing the safety and option of availing female riders for females during the night time, it has become a household name among the population.

Using shortcuts and taking a quicker time to reach the destination is the main key to its success. So, why can’t you try the same thing? Don’t you worry? Because the Rapido Clone app is here to make your business more profitable. Let’s look into the basic information of the app now.

Here’s a reason why the app would be more sustainable and successful:

Business model:

The renting costs and maintenance costs are lower compared to other ride-hailing apps, as the app uses a two-wheeler service.

Revenue model:

These two-wheeler services provide people with cheaper service by lowering almost 50-60% of the money charged in taxi-hailing apps. There are about two revenue models available in the app and they are commission-based and B2C commission.

The workflow of the app:

  • The user will download the app from their store and login into the app with their details or with the social media accounts. They can then check the destination and nearby drivers.
  • Once the user has entered their destination and checked for any nearby riders, they can send a pickup request to the rider. The rider will then receive the request and can decide whether to accept or reject the request. Once they accept the request, the user will be notified.
  • The users can also schedule their rides before-hand. The rider will arrive at their doorstep at the right time. This will increase productivity for both ends.
  • After booking the rider, the payment process is done easily using multiple options provided by the app.

On a concluding note, this app can be developed without months of effort and time consumed using the Rapido Clone script. They are the best way to launch an app easily using the customization and add-on facilitations.