Begin Developing A Secure Instant Messaging App Right Now With White-label Signa

Begin Developing A Secure Instant Messaging App Right Now With White-label Signa

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Most of our lives have turned upside down with the entrance of social media networks. Right from communication to forming communities, everything has started to shift. While I say communication, most of our minds pop up with the most familiar messaging apps. I’m sure that WhatsApp would be the prominent one among everything else. But since change is inevitable, people have started to jump to using Signal like chat apps in concern with their safety after the new policy change of WhatsApp.

According to reports, the downloads per day of the Signal app has crossed 1 million. Notable, isn’t it? By providing highly secure features and functionalities, if an app could reach this higher rate of popularity, then why can’t you do the same?

Whether your's is a startup or a giant business that would like to start a new venture in the communication industry, this is the right time for you to develop a secure instant messaging app like Signal.

If you are wondering about what profit it could bring you apart from the popularity, then here are some revenue channels you could make use of.

Subscription fee: A customer can pay to access the app with this model. The subscription model can bring enough revenue to your app if the app contains a more extensive user base.

Advertisement fee: It is an excellent way to earn money from the app. It works well, as it grabs the attention of the users. You can try to show the advertisements between the status/stories, which are 10 seconds long, just like a Snapchat app.

In-app purchases: People can pay for having some extra features in the app. One of the primary sources of revenue can be paid stickers, as a significant number of messengers use them. It is a win-win situation for entrepreneurs and the users as well. You can consider selling themes, wallpapers, and filters. Since games are also another primary revenue source, you can charge for in-game currencies or any other items.

Sponsorship: It entails partnering with third-party brands that can provide users some rewards. You can redeem from the prizes given to users for a higher engagement rate; For instance, companies can promote their products by using branded stickers of their new food or upcoming movies.

As a concluding thought,

Instant messaging apps are emerging in the market by assuring security. So this would be the right time to launch yours. Don’t wait and get to the best development team to launch a Signal Clone app right now!