Anonymously View Instagram Stories: Best Ways

Anonymously View Instagram Stories: Best Ways

How To Watch Instagram Stories In Less Than 1 Minute Using This Incredible Website

Watching Instagram stories is fun as you get to see what’s going on in other people’s lives. Some people post interesting stories while traveling, and some post videos of their workout sessions. When you see someone’s story, they get to know about it as they can check the list of viewers.

The viewers’ list is a good addition to the story feature as it allows people to have an idea about audience engagement. It wouldn’t be a problem if your name ends up on the list of viewers while watching a story posted by someone you know personally. But it can be an issue while stalking someone’s Instagram profile, as it will be embarrassing to get caught in such a situation.

The list of viewers must be a nightmare for you if you like stalking Instagram profiles. Well, if you are looking for a way to view someone’s Instagram story without them knowing, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to discuss a method that you can use to view someone’s Instagram story without logging in to your account. This method works best for desktop users, so we will discuss a trick for smartphone users too. Let’s have a look at them one by one and help you hide your real identity while stalking IG stories.

Anonymously View Instagram Stories: Best Ways

Method 1: Without logging in to your Instagram account

If you don’t log in to your Instagram account while viewing a story, the user will never get to know that you have viewed it. This trick is completely risk-free, which makes it reliable, but you will need to use a third-party tool to perform it successfully.

‘Storiesig’ is a great option for people who like to stalk profiles as it enables users to view stories without logging in to their accounts. You will need to follow a few simple steps to perform this trick successfully.

• Open your web browser and type the URL to visit the official website.

• On the home page, you will find a search bar. Enter the username of the user whose Instagram story you want to view without logging in to your account.

• In the search results, click on the target user’s profile, and the website will enable you to view stories posted by him secretly.

• You can view the story for as long as you want, and you can also take a screenshot to save it on your computer.

So, these are the simple steps that you will need to follow if you want to view an Instagram story without logging in to your account. There is no risk of getting caught as your real identity will remain hidden. You can use this trick on all public accounts; however, it doesn’t work on private accounts, which is a limitation.

Method 2: By logging in to your Instagram account

To use this trick, you will have to log in to your Instagram account, but it is completely risk-free, so there is nothing to worry about. After logging in to your IG account, you will have to follow these steps to use this trick successfully.

• On the home screen, find the story you want to view secretly.

• Now, open the story next to it and hold your finger against the screen. You can’t remove your finger from the screen until you finish the last step, so be careful while using this trick.

• Swipe slightly to the left without taking your finger off the screen, and take a peek at the story posted by the target user. You will be able to have a look at it without opening it, which is the key here.

• After taking a peek, come back to the story you opened, and remove your finger from the screen.

Your name won’t be added to the list of viewers because you didn’t open the story, and you will be able to get away safely. But if you take your finger off the screen while taking a peek, the target story can open, which is something you wouldn’t want. You won’t get caught if you keep your finger on the screen while peeking, so make sure to do it right.

Well, these are the best methods you can try to watch someone’s Instagram story without them knowing. We have discussed each step in detail to make things easier for you.

Bonus Tip: How to screenshot an IG story without getting caught?

If you like an Instagram story, you may want to save it on your device or share it with your friends on WhatsApp. You can take a screenshot of the story, but if you don’t want the user to know, you will need to follow a simple trick. To screenshot an Instagram story secretly, you can utilize the Airplane mode of your device.

• Open the story in the normal fashion and hold the screen.

• Turn on the Airplane mode and take a screenshot.

This is all you will need to do if you want to take a screenshot of a story secretly. The process is very simple, and it is risk-free as well, which makes it reliable. If the person is close to you, there is no need to take a screenshot as you can ask him to send you the photo you liked.


We hope you liked this article and got clarity on the steps involved in all methods. If you have read this article carefully, you will be able to view someone’s story without them knowing, and you can also screenshot it without getting caught.

There is no harm in viewing a story posted on social media, so you can view it in the normal fashion too. But if you don’t want the user to see your name on the viewers’ list due to some reasons, the above-mentioned tricks will save your day. Taking screenshots is also safe using the trick we mentioned, but if the account is private, you will need to send a follow request first.