Fortnite: How to Find All the Safe Houses

Fortnite: How to Find All the Safe Houses

Source: Fortnite: How to Find All the Safe Houses

Although the world of Fortnite Season 2 is persisting in changing every day; however, from the past few weeks, its maps are changing quite rapidly. Thus, the gamers are now busy in exploring the maps rather than newly arrived events and aspects.

A new weekly challenge has recently arrived in the Fortnite, and one of them requires the gamers to navigate all the secret hideouts of Shadow to kill Henchmen. To accomplish this mission, the gamers have to use the maps wisely and due to various changes in the map. Now, gamers are facing difficulty in completing this challenge. In this blog, we are going to provide a proper workaround to help the gamers. The workaround contains a certain strategy to find all the safe house locations in Fortnite.

Locations of All Shadow Safe House

There are a total number of five Shadow safe houses located in the world of Fortnite. However, to complete the following mission, the gamers have to visit only three. In comparison to the base houses of Fortnite, the safe houses are quite smaller in space. The gamers have to track down the footprints of the Shadow to find the safe houses. However, the gamers do not take this lightly as there are several Henchmen present at the door of the safe house to guard them. Alongside, the accomplishment of this challenge can only be obtained when the gamers visit any three safe houses and kill one Henchman at each house. So, it is necessary to interact with the Henchmen. Below we have specifically created a list of all five safe houses locations.

Misty Meadows: The gamers will find one of the safe houses at the north section of the Misty Meadows.

Holly Hedges: The players can easily find another safe house at the northern side of Holly Hedges.

Frenzy Farm: Gamers require to visit the east section of the Frenzy Farm, and on the top of that island, they will find the safe house of Shadow.

Craggy Cliffs: The players can easily find a safe house in the Southeast section of the Craggy Cliffs area.

Pleasant Park: The gamers can also find a safe house in the eastern region of the Pleasant Park area.

It is totally up to the gamers which three safe houses location they would prefer to visit. We only suggested they select the three locations that are near to each other and can be covered in a single match. However, gamers can take as much time as they want to, but it will surely affect their game level and points. If the gamers could arrange a Choppa, then it would be pretty simple for them to even visit all the five locations in one game. It is also advisable to use a lethal weapon to kill Henchmen because their one move can lead you to restart the mission.


This week of Fortnite will be considered the best till now by the gamers as it featured a Doomsday device alongside Midas introduction. This will be definitely a notification by Epic Games that before the Season 2 ends, they are going to provide something super-exciting to the gamers.

Fortnite can be played on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Mobile and PC.

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