5 Most Powerful Bosses in Witcher 3

5 Most Powerful Bosses in Witcher 3

Source: 5 Most Powerful Bosses in Witcher 3

“Witcher 3” is one of the most admired and unprecedented game based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s novel series. The game holds various ventures including Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher who is a monster hunter. Witcher 3 is generally an action RPG having the perspective of the third person and the game based on wild Hunting.

In the game, players have to struggle to control and stop this monstrous Witcher who knows various tricks and techniques to kill both humans and creatures. He holds two swords: one is silver, and the next one is steel.

The monster hunter kills humans with steel sword and with the help of a silver sword, he kills creatures and other monsters. Gamers have to apply various tricks to save themselves from Witcher. It includes fighting with them, magic, and other weapons.

There are numerous powerful bosses who come in various sections of the game. Let’s take this guide to know more about those strong bosses:

General of Ice: Powerful

Imlerith, the general of Ice is one of the most powerful and formidable bosses of this game who knows various tricks to defeat his enemy. Geralt always wants to take revenge from his enemies and desires to stop the prevailing wild Hunting by defeating all his enemies. The strength of Imlerith comes with the strength of the monster. He knows various tricks and attacks, and thus he must want to void Witcher code to go on top of the battle by defeating all the opponents.

Geralt wants to defeat this boss by his quick speed against Imlerith’s slow speed. The difference in both the opponent is big. Imlerith will twirl around the Warfield after putting both the hands-off his strong mace.

High Vampires are a Pain: Powerful

There are various evil faced monsters in the game. When we talk about monsters playing dangerous roles in the game, we think of vampire “Dettlaff.” He is one of the powerful bosses in the game.

In the start of the story, Dettlaff became silent when he saw the monster is killing at least two hundred people as the most dangerous beast of Lydia. He didn’t care then, but he acted swiftly when he heard the news that the beast kills a young boy who offered an apple to Dettlaff. He views the world only in white and black as a sign of right and wrong. He saw that the beast was black and the boy was white. Then, he kills him like the mark of evil.

The Hags of the Swamp: Powerful

There were three foul-smelling bosses known as the ladies of the woods. The controlled and area of Swamp nearby the regions of Velen.

These creatures are more powerful as Geralt even heard about them. They have tremendous smelling and listening skills. They observe every occurrence and mishap around their area. They are the rulers of their land as anyone can’t defeat them in their area.

The Man of Glass: Powerful

There is another powerful boss who is known for the soul “Gaunter O’Dimm.” The souls are his desired thing for betting anything to battle.

O’Dimm is the most powerful boss just because of the deviousness and how he traps you after finding loopholes. “O’Dimm” offers the chance for saving Geralt. In the end, the deal between both of them struck in the matter of bargaining their statements. Thus he defeats Geralt in the game.

The Air Djinn: Powerful

The Djinns are powerful by their mystic wishes as they fight with their opponents by their wishes. Generally, you will see four kinds of genie and all of them are based individually on four different elements: Fire, water, air and earth. If you got one of them, then you would become more powerful as you will be provided three different and magical wishes. These powerful wishes help in transforming real desires and willingness.

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