What is Amazon Storefront & Tips to Optimize?

What is Amazon Storefront & Tips to Optimize?

An Amazon Storefront is a small version of the Amazon website just for your brand. It allows consumers to shop your products away from the central.

What is Amazon Store Front?

An Amazon Storefront allows you to create a smaller version of Amazon's website that is specific to your brand. This allows customers to shop for your products from anywhere other than the Amazon central store, including all your competitors.

Your Amazon Storefront can be completely customized. Your Amazon Storefront can be customized to showcase your top-selling products, tell your brand's story, and promote new products. It's also completely free to use. You won't even have to pay a dime to own an Amazon Storefront.


Tips to create an Amazon Storefront

You think you can set up a storefront in minutes and make a lot of sales? Think again. This is how to make sure your storefront is as profitable and high-converting as possible.

  1. Target Your Customers’ Pain Points
  2. Tell Your Brand Story
  3. Use High-quality Images
  4. Optimize for Mobile
  5. Make Use of the Q&A Section

How to create your own Storefront?

To create an Amazon Storefront, you don't have to be a developer or designer. Amazon offers several templates that you can customize. You have the option of product grids, product marquees and product highlights.

Amazon Storefront allows you to create as many pages you like, but only three levels are allowed.

After you have completed your Amazon Storefront structure, fill in the gaps with content tiles. Any type of content that consumers can interact with, called content tiles. These include:

  • Images can be a great way for you to show off your products in action. Your images should be at least 1500x1500px.
  • Video advertising can help you promote your products. They should be no larger than 1280x640px, and not more than 100 MB. They cannot contain any links or references to other sites.
  • You can use copy to tell your brand's story. You can align it left, right, centrally, or both.
  • Keywords and ASINs can be used to include products. This will automatically populate price, imagery, or other relevant features.

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