How Do POS Machines Ease Payments?

How Do POS Machines Ease Payments?

India is steadily heading towards digitisation and has come a long way from cash to digital payments over the years.

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There was a time when India's dominant payment mode was cash. However, after introducing digital payment solutions, people have switched from paying cash to paying digitally. So, if you run a company, ensure you add a digital payment method at your counter for your customers' convenience.

At department stores, shopping centres, etc., we see a card Swipe Machine. This lets you pay for your purchases by directly using your Credit or Debit Card. So, you need not bring cash when you go shopping. When not provided by the bank, the machine offers the customer a protected gateway and no additional charges.

The installation of a POS Machine in your company helps it grow manifolds. Customers continue to visit your store repeatedly, believing that they can conveniently make payments with their cards. It enables you to handle checkout counters easily. It also motivates our country to go digital. Now that you know the basics, let us know about different and best card machines in India:


It is an intelligent solution at the doorstep of customers that offers direct acceptance and is one of the leading online payment solutions for small, medium, and large businesses. You need not separate hardware like a swiping card device, as you can turn your smartphone into one. Ezetap transforms a wireless machine into your smartphone.

HDFC Merchant Services

You can enhance your customer support with the HDFC Electronic Data Capture System through HDFC merchant services. The use of this Swipe Machine has boosted the productivity and profits of an organisation. You need to update the mPOS app for your smartphone and get a card reader. To attach the Credit Card reader to your mobile, use Bluetooth, and you are ready to go.

mPOS by ICICI Merchant Services

Accepting electronic payments has become simpler now with ICICI merchant services. You need the latest and advanced wireless functioning mPOS e-payment solution for this. You need not spend much time in ICICI merchant services. Just download the mPOS app to your mobile, attach your smartphone to mPOS using Bluetooth, swipe the Credit or Debit Card on mPOS and complete the payments.

Via encryption, the payments are faster, secure, and reliable. You can download the app, log in with your necessary information and, once your account gets checked, you can begin accepting payments.