What are the Top 3 Smartphone apps for Crypto Mining?

What are the Top 3 Smartphone apps for Crypto Mining?

If you are looking for the best mining apps, this blog will help you to find one. With multiple platforms, that provide smartphone-based Crypto mining solutions

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The entire process of mining with GPUs is incredibly energy-intensive and is contributing to the climate crisis. Not to mention the expensive mining rigs and installing them in air-conditioned spaces costs a fortune and that is why it is not accessible for the majority of us.

Keeping this in mind many companies launched new mining apps that do not require buying any extra equipment. People can simply use these apps for Crypto mining on their phones. Mining Crypto over the phone saves a whole lot of money in terms of investment.

If you are looking for the best mining apps, this blog will help you to find one. With multiple platforms, that provide smartphone-based Crypto mining solutions, we will be looking into the top three apps for Crypto mining.

BFIC Network

This network is an evolutionary platform developed by Innovation Factory. It enables real-time Crypto mining through staking. The network acts as a system where numerous users collectively generate legit Crypto income with mutual interest. BFIC Network App operates on its very own third-generation blockchain. This makes it the fastest and most secure mining network to date.

BFIC Network App enables you to mine and earns BFICoins in real-time. BFICoin is a legit tradeable crypto currency. This means that these coins will have a real market value that can be bought, sold, or traded. Above all, the BFIC Network App has a user-friendly interface. Even a layman can sign up and start mining BFIC. Just tap the power button and the app will do the rest for you.

PI Network

PI network has been developing for several years in the Crypto world and is now getting into a phase when it gets interesting. Pi, somehow works differently. All you have to do, just once a day, is click a button and as a result, your account will be credited with a certain number of Pi per hour for those 24 hours. You get them credited for being an active user, the goal behind this is to create an active userbase.

Ideally, you don't just open the app, push the button, and then close it. But you also check the announcements and maybe connect with other people. Thus, helping them to achieve their goal of an active userbase. Which then they reward you with the coin. It is something worth considering. It is always better to get into an opportunity at the beginning because at some point they might stop the possibility to mine Pi completely for free. After that, you would need to invest to get Pi.


Stormgain is a trading platform which also offer crypto mining. You just log in, go to the mining section, click a button and it will start mining in the background. You just need to be aware that there is a timer and it only runs for four hours. So, this is a little bit less convenient compared to the other mining apps. Because you do need to open the app and turn on the mining and then you will have four hours to earn the most. You just have to set yourself some reminders so that after every four hours during the day, open the app, and click on activate mining.

Although it is so easy and convenient to use, there is also a catch to it. You cannot withdraw the Crypto directly, you need to follow a few steps to withdraw actual money

1. Mine a total of 10 dollars USDT

2. Transfer it into Stormgain bonus balance

3. Then you can use it for trading

4. Make profits

5. Withdraw profit


As explained, if you want to enjoy crypto mining on your smartphones, then there are some great opportunities, as long as you do it with the right expectations. Unlike traditional trading, all of these three options are super easy and you do not need to invest anything to earn.

Using a little bit of this every day will build up over time and some of the currencies can also potentially really grow in value, such as BFIC. We’ve seen that in just one month, BFIC jumped from $7 to $14, and it is still going up.