Ways to Increase Order Picking Efficiency of Your Warehouse

Ways to Increase Order Picking Efficiency of Your Warehouse

For your business to be efficient and profitable, you need to be implementing systems and methods that heightened productivity and make your operation run as smoothly as possible. If your warehouses are currently disorganized and orders are unable to be filled promptly, you probably lack some of the crucial infrastructures to make your business the best it can be. One of the most useful things you can implement is heavy duty shelving, as it will make order picking much more accessible.

Order picking is one of the most expensive and labor-intensive processes within a warehouse, and as such, you need it to be as efficient as possible. Depending on the layout of your warehouse and your current systems in place, you may be hemorrhaging money due to a lack of proper warehouse picking systems. For your efficiency to heighten, you need to try a few of the following methods.

Establish an Efficient System

To heighten your efficiency, you need to devise a plan to make your system as seal-tight as possible. Make sure that you document the packing and picking process following clear Standard Operating Procedures. Review your policy regularly and make an effort to eliminate inconsistencies.

Decrease Traveling Time

As the warehouse workers are going to be responsible for walking and picking up orders, you need to make sure that it is as easy as possible for them to do this. Workers can often become tired if the walk is too far, and it can become prolonged. To make this process quicker, you should try picking items from each side of an aisle. You can also implement cluster picking where workers will pick up more than one order at a time. Another way to lower the travel time is to put items that are slow-moving on inside aisles. You may also want to add a conveyor belt system to your warehouse and heavy-duty steel shelving.

Zones For “Fast-Moving” Items

An incredibly beneficial way to heighten order picking efficiency is by creating zones in your warehouse where you conglomerate fast-moving items. As most of the picking is going to be generated at these zones, you can add them to the warehouse area where they will be the most convenient for workers to reach. Make sure these areas have heavy-duty commercial shelving in place.

If you take the time to revamp your warehouse by introducing a few of these methods, you will boost your productivity and heighten your order picking efficiency. To get your hands on some helpful products that professionals will install into your warehouse, contact us today.