3 Different Types of Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving

3 Different Types of Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving

For a business to become and remain successful, the business owner needs to find new and innovative ways to grow. One of the best methods for growing a product-based business is obtaining more storage space. This allows the business to hold and sell a high-quantity of products.

Business owners can use several different ways to make the most out of the storage space they currently have. One method is investing in heavy duty shelving. However, before blindly picking one, business owners need to learn about the different types of shelving. This can help business owners make an informed and effective choice.

Type of Shelving #1 - Heavy Steel Shelving

Many business owners choose heavy steel shelving systems, primarily because steel shelves are cost-effective, long-lasting, and noticeably strong. Additionally, business owners need to know that steel shelves come in a wide array of sizes. This makes them an optimal option for any type of business.

Type of Shelving #2 - Pallet Rack Shelving

Business owners looking for a practical storage system need to consider purchasing a pallet rack shelving system. This innovative type of shelving allows business owners to make use of small storage spaces. Pallet rack shelving can also be customized and combined with other storage units.

Some pallet rack shelving systems come with “smart” technology that can be used in conjunction with RFID tracking systems and barcode scanners. This makes them even more efficient and easier to use.

Types of Shelving #3 - Wire Shelving

Any business owner that values product visibility should look into the benefits of wire shelving. This high-quality storage unit is made from a collection of thick, metal wires. Thanks to this design, employees can easily see what is on each shelf. Additionally, wire shelving units minimize the amount of potential dust. This is due to the fact that this storage unit doesn't make use of solid shelves.

Starting and maintaining a business is no simple feat. It requires countless hours of work, dedication, and creativity. Business owners must also invest in the the right equipment to succeed. One piece of essential equipment that product-based business owners need is a heavy duty industrial shelving system. There are a number of different types of industrial shelving systems. Some of these include steel shelving, pallet rack shelving, and wire shelving. Each of these unique shelving systems offers their own sets of benefits.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous other shelving systems that business owners can utilize. For questions, comments, or concerns about the different types of heavy duty industrial shelving, get in contact with WPSS.