What Is Immiaccount And Why You Need Immiaccount?

What Is Immiaccount And Why You Need Immiaccount?

Immiaccount is a primary component of Australian migration that every migration agent must know of. However, information is only found when sought.

What Is Immiaccount?

ImmiAccount is a web-based visa management service introduced by the Australian Government to provide an "anytime, anywhere" approach to electronic lodgement and status checking of temporary and permanent visa applications. It was launched on 31 October 2012 after prior testing with stakeholders such as travel agents, lawyers, employers, universities and councils. With nearly 3.4 billion internet users worldwide and growing, the potential for attracting migrants in Australia with Immiaccount is tremendous. The benefits which ImmiAccount offers also include convenience for applicants themselves who can wait for their visa at home or work rather than making time-consuming visits to the immigration office during business hours.

The service provides easy access to information about any obligations either before entering Australia or during the visa application process. This information, such as health and character requirements, can be found online at www.immi.gov.au/ before the applicant even begins an application - this ensures they start their visa process with complete knowledge of what is required of them and that they do not end up encountering problems later on in the process.

ImmiAccount also offers convenience for Australian permanent residents who may want to stay connected with family and friends overseas: applicants living overseas after finishing studies in Australia (and their families) can update their contact details through ImmiAccount so that relatives residing in Australia know where to find them should they need support or assistance, while those wishing to sponsor a relative's arrival into Australia can check whether the applicant is eligible for a visa online.

In addition to eliminating the need for paperwork, ImmiAccount offers applicants several roles as well as responsibilities: they can be agents who represent their friends and family, for example, or product suppliers who help skilled workers find jobs in Australia. In terms of fulfilling these responsibilities successfully, access to information from ImmiAccount enables those acting as agents on behalf of clients to advise them more efficiently and assist with application process transitions more smoothly. Since it is not necessary for the client's sponsors (e.g., employers) or third parties to log into ImmiAccount on behalf of their clients, this prevents potential complications that could arise from minor errors caused by miscommunication between such stakeholders.

The service also enables applicants to submit visa applications online, to check the status of their application and to update personal details as necessary. In addition, those who have been granted visas can use ImmiAccount to search for jobs in Australia as well as access benefits such as Medicare and pensions.

In terms of regulations for this service, individuals who must be in contact with Australian immigration authorities (e.g., sponsors or third parties) can use ImmiAccount but cannot file a visa application using the platform; only the applicant themselves may do this (or another individual acting on their behalf). Those who need advice about immigration matters (e.g., students) should speak directly with an immigration adviser on how to apply or enquire about processing times-ImmiAccount does not offer advice.

The platform also requires that applicants who are considered vulnerable (e.g., unaccompanied minors, victims of human trafficking) complete paper forms instead of using the service. This ensures they get all required information and updates on their visas in a safe environment where they can be assured their privacy is protected.

How ImmiAccount Prevents Unscrupulous Agents from Submitting Malicious Applications?

Agents who are unscrupulous or unethical may find ways to submit fraudulent applications, which can be detected by immiaccount. For example, a corrupt agent may try to offer a fraudulent application for an applicant who does not exist. There are many ways to detect this type of fraud, according to immiaccount. Immiaccount can see once the agent has exceeded the number of applications they are allowed to enter per day (including submissions that were automatically "begged"). Immiaccount also detects once the agent provides erroneous information about their client, for example submitting an address that does not match up with their phone number.


ImmiAccount is a platform that allows applicants to apply online for Australian visas. The benefits of this service are significant, including the ability to submit visa applications and check their status without making time-consuming visits during business hours. Immiaccount also provides access to information about obligations before entering Australia or during the visa application process in order to ensure people start with complete knowledge of what they need for success. This includes knowing which requirements must be met either before entering Australia or when filing an application, such as health and character requirements.

Additionally, immiaccount offers convenience for Australian permanent residents who may want to stay connected with family overseas by updating contact details through ImmiAccount so relatives residing in Australia can find them should there ever be support needed or assistance required. However, this service does have limitations regarding who can file a visa application online via immiaccount. Additionally, those considered vulnerable are not able to use the platform either. Those who need advice about immigration matters should instead contact an adviser directly for more accurate information.