Placemat Advertising

Placemat Advertising

Businesses dream of an opportunity where customers think exclusively about their brand when making consumption choices.

Placemat advertising leverages spaces like tabletops in restaurants and other eateries. It is a type of ambient advertising where advertisers target the audience in an ambient atmosphere. Usually, the advertiser places the ad in a unique place, one where the audience cannot ignore it.

Using placemats in a restaurant as a medium of advertisement is ingenious. Notably, the placemats are accessible utility objects on which waiters place your plate when serving a customer’s order. As such, the customer has close to five minutes looking at the placemat before the order arrives. Resultantly, if you placed an ad on the placemat, the customer would have a full view of the message for all the waiting time.

When customers are waiting for their orders, they are less likely to spend that time swiping at their smartphones. Instead, they would want to stay alert just in case the waiter forgets about their order. For those 10 to 12 minutes of waiting, they dart eyeballs around, especially on the placemat before them.