Pizza Flyer Advertising

Pizza Flyer Advertising

The advertisement is printed on pizza boxes (or pizza box flyer) and shipped to the pizzerias that the advertiser selected.

The advertising pizza venues distribute to the consumers locally or they deliver at their homes. These venues are recognized pizza chains, so the advertiser has exposure to reputable brands. The pizza box ads get delivered in the hands of the consumers at their homes reaching on average 45 min of brand exposure. Sometimes the consumer leaves the pizza in the fridge generating additional exposure. On average, each Pizza Box Advertising venue delivers 2,000 pizza flyer ads per month with an estimate 1.8M impressions/month.

There are few reasons why marketers would choose Pizza Box Marketing instead of other traditional media vehicles:

Pizza box top advertising

High Brand Recall

Consumers are overwhelmed with digital ads that they see for a fraction of second and barely remember them. The attention span for digital ads is minimal to make them remember. The pizza flyer ads create a surprise effect making it more memorable. Studies show that this type of ads can evoke an 80% recall rate (8 out of 10 households individuals remember to see an ad on pizza flyer)

Low Cost

The budget used to place a 1 billboard on a high traffic highway for 1 month can be re-allocated to distribute 60,000 pizza box flyer ads. This is sufficient to cover all households of a small town in the USA.

High Return on Advertising Spend

The average ROI is 2.5X. This means, for every 1 dollar the advertiser invested in a pizza flyer campaign, they received at least additional 2.5 dollars of sales.

This article will elaborate on the details of each reason.

Flyer Advertising wont be ignored by the consumer

Pizza Flyer Ads vs Traditional Media

TV commercials are also becoming obsolete. Most of the consumer ignores and fast-forward TV commercials. Arris’ Consumer Entertainment Index surveyed 10,500 respondents from 19 countries on their media consumption habits. 84% of surveyed viewers admitted that they want to fast-forward through TV ads, and 60% of surveyed viewers would make the effort to find and download TV shows to avoid advertisements. Most of viewers prefer a commercial-free media service as Netflix.

You cannot fast-forward a pizza box ads! The consumer receives the pizza with the ad on the top. Usually it will be a positive association of the pleasure of having the pizza with the advertising message. Each pizza box top can be seen on average by 3 people per household. They will not ignore the ad as they will have a meal looking at your advertising message. The ad is placed on the center of the box generating guaranteed impressions.

Given the pizza eating culture across the world, one can rest assured that the ads will reach deep into the population. However, a perfect advertising campaign begins with choosing the best agency. Such an agency will maximize targeting with a view on achieving high conversion rates. This includes conducting proper background study, utilizing proper deliver techniques, and follow-up of the target audience.

Stay-at-Home Ads will replace outdoor advertising

The use of OOH and billboards will most likely experience more decline in the coming weeks, given the growing number of cases of infection in the United States. Businesses that dearly need to get the word out about their enterprise will have to embrace new-age advertising to stay in business. This means more customers will abandon billboard advertising to adopt indoor ads; a strategy which brands trying to avoid the cut-throat cost of sign advertising have happily been using to market themselves in recent times.

The New York Times aptly described the effect of the pandemic on outdoor advertising as a ‘seismic shock’. Even Coca-Cola is among the companies that have limited their ad campaigns during the coronavirus crisis, the New York Times report says. Long story cut short; a lot of companies are hitting the brakes on billboard ads and other forms of OOH advertising and are also pulling back until the coast clears.

Costs of Pizza Flyer Delivery Services

Advertisers are always looking for opportunities to maximize the potential of marketing campaigns. As such, they are always looking for the most affordable, yet effective marketing services. Fortunately, pizza box advertising achieves both of these goals effortlessly. However, effective pizza box advertising follows a certain procedure.

Firstly, an advertiser must prepare specially designed and printed flyers that include the message and a business logo. Secondly, the advertiser looks for the best pizza flyer delivery service. Ideally, the delivery service ensures that the flyers reach the exact target audience.

Pizza box advertising results in more conversions and direct actions than traditional advertising. This is because the ads are delivered directly into the hands of the target audience. In addition, an entire marketing campaign built around this advertising vehicle is cheap and easy to implement.