Coffee Sleeves Advertising

Coffee Sleeves Advertising

Newspapers and other print media are full of distractive information.

Most importantly, news reaches us on digital media in a flash so readers no longer have to wait for the next morning. Due to the unconventional nature of Coffee Sleeve Advertising, consumer tend to remember it and Brand recall rate might reach 60-80% depending on the campaign. They literally carry the brand and the promo in their hands.

Examples of application of coffee sleeves advertising:

1. Education: target coffee venues inside the campus to promote university initiatives

2. Dental services: raise awareness of your audience to consider teeth whitening services after drinking the coffee

3. Nonprofit organizations: raise awareness for donations close to the target area. Place you message in coffee shops inside public institutions

Non Traditional Media have been neglected for a long time in the advertising market. The advertising media world is at a crossroad where it has to select between digital print media and traditional media. Simple and economic methods to advertising (as on coffee sleeves) will emerge attracting more attention of consumers. With Coffee Sleeves Advertising, ads can be placed on any number of stores. In fact, the only thing that really limits marketers is their own imagination.