Advertising Coffee Cup

Advertising Coffee Cup

Adzze has been adapting the advertising vehicles to a more sensitive message.

One of these concepts uses pizza boxes as advertising space. Think of this as small moving billboard that gets delivered at the consumer’s home. Studies demonstrated that this type of ads can evoke an 80% recall rate (8 out of 10 households individuals remember to see an ad on the pizza box) with an average ROI of 150%. This means, for every 1 dollar the advertiser invested in a pizza box advertising campaign, they received at least additional 2.5 dollars of sales. For more details see the article Estimating the ROI of Pizza Box Marketing.

Advertisers across the industry have one objective that they pursue wholeheartedly; to drive brand visibility. They will innovate and modify existing systems to ensure that people who receive a message concert to customers. Interestingly, novel mechanisms like using an advertising coffee cup are some of the solutions.