Ear Savers to the Rescue for Frontline Workers With Long Working Hours

Ear Savers to the Rescue for Frontline Workers With Long Working Hours

Masks are not meant to be worn for all hours of the day. Unfortunately, workers on the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19 have to wear masks for their entire shifts. Their working hours can often be extremely long. This is why some companies see the benefits of wearing an ear saver for a face mask.

How Masks Reduce Exposure

Whether you are an essential worker or just a civilian, you can decrease the spread of coronavirus by wearing a mask whenever you go out. You can get infected with COVID-19 and not know it. A mask, whethermade of cloth or an N95, can trap the virus particles inside. That will prevent the particles from entering the air.

In some cases, the mask can also help decrease the risk of healthy people getting infected. The maskscan prevent virus particles in the air from being inhaled. Finally, it can also limit the amount of contact of your hand to your face. A mask can place a barrier between your contaminated hands and the virus’ way into your body.

What Are Adjustable Face Mask Ear Savers?

Ear savers are small adapters that will improve the way a surgical or N95 mask fits. It is easy for an ear saver strap manufacturer to use 3D printing techniques to create them. This will make a mask more comfortable for a worker to wear for a long period of time. With the hooks, you can use ear savers with a mask of almost any size. That will lessen the pressure on the wearer’s ears. This pressure can be uncomfortable and can even cause serious damagein the long run.

There are several benefits to having adjustable face mask ear savers. They are affordable to create, and the materials are not expensive. You can sanitize them after each wear. Another benefit is that ear savers allow you to make the sizing of the mask more comfortable. This is important if the masks do not fit you properly right out of the box. A proper fit is vital for making the mask effective.

Wearing a Mask

First, you should clean your hands with soap and water. Then inspect your mask for holes or tears. If there is a stiff edge, this is the top. The coloured side is usually the front of the mask. Hold it by the ear loops and place one loop around each ear saver. Pinch the stiff edge to your nose and put the bottom over your chin and nose.

Turn to a Trusted Ear Saver Strap Manufacturer

Identifab Industries Limited provides adjustable face mask ear savers to help you stay comfortable when you have to wear masks for a long time. Contact us today to learn more about our ear saver for a face mask.