Five Best Real Estate Accounting Software for Agents and Brokers

Five Best Real Estate Accounting Software for Agents and Brokers

Accounting software is a great way to simplify financial management. These are 5 software programs that I recommend for real estate.

Your first priority as a broker, agent, or real estate agent is to help prospects find the property they want. Isn't it? If you look closely at your daily work activities, it is possible that accounting and reporting consume a lot of your time.

Don't get me wrong. It is essential to calculate and track commissions. Isn't it fun to have commissions? Accounting is a tedious task. The more you can devote your time to the work that leads to the commission, the easier it will be.

Many real estate software programs for agents and brokers can help you take the burden off your shoulders and make your life easier. These are the top X real estate accounting software.

1. Quickbooks

Best for medium-sized real estate businesses

Quickbooks can be used for any type of business, even real estate. Quickbooks is the perfect solution for small- to medium-sized groups of real estate agents and individuals.

It is a premium service and will cost you slightly more. The plan costs $25 per user for a single user and $90 per month for up 25 users. As I write, they offer a 50% discount on all plans.

Pros: -

1. Flexible

2. It is simple to use

3. There is also a payroll functionality

4. Its mobile app allows you to track your mileage automatically

Cons: -

1. Expensive

2. Limited tax support

3. Freshbooks

The best accounting software for small brokerages

Freshbooks accounting software is simple to use and has no hidden costs. You can use it to calculate core measures for real estate businesses and add custom fields to track.

Freshbooks plans start at $15 per month for five billable clients. You can upgrade according to your needs. It currently offers a 70% discount on the first three months, regardless of which plan you choose.

Pros: -

1. Simple setup

2. Automation and integration

3. Good customer support

4. Track your mileage

Cons: -

1. There are no native payroll options

2. Mobile apps only allow limited reporting

3. Xero

The best accounting software

Xero is a powerful tool that anyone can use. It doesn't matter how big your real estate agency is or what sector you are in - commercial or residential. Xero is an excellent real estate accounting software. It helps with accounting, regulations, and taxes.

Xero offers flexibility and scalability through its 700+ integration options. Its monthly pricing starts at $12 and ends at $65, depending on your chosen plan.

Pros: -

1. Affordable

2. It is suitable for both a single agent and a team.

3. Smooth contract management

4. Great navigation

Cons: -

1. Some of the most important features can be dependent on third-party apps

2. Customer support needs to be improved

3. Wave

Best Accounting Software for Start-Ups

Wave accounting software is free for everyone to use forever. It does, however, have a few limitations. Wave is still an effective accounting tool that small businesses can use.

Wave also offers payroll services for a nominal fee. A wave is an excellent option for those with limited financial resources.

Pros: -

1. You can track expenses without limits

2. No cost

3. Navigation and setup are simple

4. Automation of workflows is a good idea

Cons: -

1. Features are limited

2. Poor customer support

3. Realtyzam

Designed for real estate agents

Realtyzam, unlike other software on the list, is designed to assist real estate companies and can be customized to meet your specific needs. It is suitable for small real estate agencies and agents who manage their businesses.

Realtyzam can be used to do all kinds of brokerage work, except for W-2 payroll. There is no built-in function or integration option. Realtyzam is affordable. You can get a free or paid plan starting at $9.95 per month if you pay annually.

Pros: -

1. Simple set up

2. Affordable

3. You can track commissions automatically

Cons: -

1. Limited reports

2. There is no automated mileage tracking option


These are the top accounting software you can use to run your real estate company. Which one will you choose?

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