Placenta Art is Quite Beautiful right?

Placenta Art is Quite Beautiful right?

As beautiful it is, the safety steps are truly important, especially where you are a teacher.

My Personal thoughts:

I personally, am a full believer in the rights of self-determination and ones right to choose their own path. This is something I struggle with in the doula world; one specifically is working with the placenta, whether it be in art or encapsulation. I truly understand the benefits for the client. However for me, I am just a little concerned with the safe process. Which I have come to terms with, it is me, my views, but I know some of my clients will be interested, which puts me in the space to learn for them.

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As a doula trainer and a graduate of an education diploma program, I am painfully aware of how important duplicate ability is in any learning opportunity. Those learning opportunities can be a simply as taking a phone call, displayed on social media, a written blog or what is seen in an actual class. People are always watching, our students are watch, but also my family is watching and I would never want to disappoint them with my actions.

Placenta Art is Quite Beautiful right?

A Sacred Journey

A Sacred Journey does not offer services of placenta encapsulation or art, why not?

Well, because we do not feel like we can offer it in a safe way to ourselves or our community in the set up of our homes and we did not feel comfortable with transporting the placenta in our cars.

It is a personal choice for us and we truly mean no judgement of those who feel they can do it safely. A good article to expand on is Placenta pills: A growing trend, but some warn of possible risks, published in the Toronto Star

To help our clients we have researched placenta encapsulation specialists in our area, and we refer three different service providers: two that have different services and do the process safely in their homes and one that is Prodoula trained, where she does the process safely in the clients home. The key word is safely.

According to the article, Placenta Encapsulation:

"The custom of consuming the placenta, often done as placental encapsulation, is centuries old, practiced most often in Chinese medicine. It is a controversial tradition that has been gaining traction in the United States for several decades."

Many people do feel comfortable with it, and they are quite safe with their process. There are some great people who chose to work safely and create some amazing art.

Placenta Encapsulation ~ CTV National New, Toronto Ontario

Some moms hope placenta pills can ward off baby blues ~ CTV National News

Personally, I do wish woman wore mask in this video; dust particles, I know, but that is my feelings.

A Sacred Journey is a strong advocate for accountability; not just for our clients, but for their families, our families, peers, the medical system and the community as a whole. Here is some points from my article  to help express why these expectations have become part of ASJ ..."I am formally educated at Conestoga College, where I am a graduate of the Early Childhood Educator Diploma Program. In my final year, we took some serious courses: The ECE Professional, Health Safety & Nutrition, Philosophy in Practice, and Issues in Quality In Early Learning and Care. Why I am sharing this is because I feel that sometimes we mistake experience for awareness, understanding and safe practices."  Our belief in accountability is why we created our code of ethics.

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A Sacred Journey

We truly feel strongly about being a caring and professional space, two our our members are taking the Medical Reiki™ training this fall. This is a mindful choice, to make the choice to practice in a way that is promising practice for ourselves, families, peers, community and medical society.

Lesley Cressman, RECE, SLD, CLD, Reiki Master

Founder of A Sacred Journey