6 Simple Ways to Make Your Restaurant Website More ViEnter content title here...

6 Simple Ways to Make Your Restaurant Website More ViEnter content title here...

Want to make your restaurant website more visible? We have collected 6 easy tips to achieve this goal almost instantly and to get more visitors!

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If you are just starting to develop your restaurant, then the site is a good starting point. Modern users begin their acquaintance with companies precisely from the site, and social networks. Therefore, we offer you some simple steps to improve the position of your site in search results, and at the same time, they are good ways to stay in touch with regular customers and attract new ones as well.

Use the Capabilities of Google My Business and Yelp

The advantage of registering in these two systems is obvious - you are immediately displayed in the search according to certain criteria, plus your rating is formed on the basis of user feedback. We will talk more about the reviews in the next paragraph, but here we will focus on the rating. The rating of your institution, according to users, is a strong social proof and based on this figure, they will decide whether to move further to your website and to your restaurant.

Ask Your Customers to Leave Reviews

More than 90% of users read reviews before deciding on a restaurant. After they read the reviews, they will look at your site, scroll through the menu and evaluate the price. And only then they will decide to visit your institution. As you can see, reviews are the second link in the chain (the first is Google My Business and Yelp), so you should definitely take this into account.

Ask your regular customers to leave feedback, but be prepared for the fact that they will be objective. Even if you get a bad review (and this is normal, since it is impossible to please everyone), take it not as a personal insult, but as an opportunity to improve your service and show the significance of each visitor to you. Work carefully with every review you receive. Do not write templated answers, especially if the review was bad. Show an individual approach and take care. Satisfied with the reviews, visitors will go to your site, and at that moment Google will begin to evaluate the behavioral factors to rank your site in the search results.

Go Social

Food and social networks is the perfect combination. Therefore, if you are still not using the potential of social networks for the benefit of your restaurant, then it's time to do it. Here are some very simple steps to help make your restaurant website more visible.

Add a link to your restaurant in bio in your Instagram profile. And pay attention to an important point. It is necessary to enter the link to the site in the “Site” field, otherwise, it will not be clickable. It would seem that this is intuitive, but for some reason, some companies still do not pay attention to it.

Use the power of Stories. Stories are a great tool to show your subscribers that your restaurant is not only an institution - it is also talented people who provide a high level of service. Show the cooking process, introduce your subscribers to the team, tell how you maintain cleanliness in the kitchen and what standards you follow, ask the chef to leave a short comment. In general, the list of ideas is endless - just remember that modern users want to know not only the brand but also the people who develop it.

Run the contest. This is a great way to get new subscribers who are interested in your site, increase traffic and show positive behavioral factors. Plus, it is also an opportunity to increase the flow of guests in the restaurant and get user-generated content. The possibilities for the contest are also endless - you can ask users to take a photo in your restaurant and publish it in their profiles with the hashtag of the contest, or you can ask a friend to be tagged to participate in the contest.

Come up with attractive hashtags. Social media hashtags work just like keywords in SEO promotion. Review your hashtag strategy and choose the best options. Here are some ideas about what hashtags to use.

  • names of dishes
  • emotional hashtags
  • marketing hashtags
  • local hashtags
  • branded hashtags.

Revise Your SEO strategy

SEO is a long term perspective. If you carefully think over your SEO approaches once, then Google algorithms will correctly index your site until it reaches the top. At the same time, your participation is no longer mandatory.

Therefore, you need to create SEO-optimized content and enter keywords in the most organic way. If earlier it was enough to write a text for robots, abundantly supplying it with keywords such as “order sushi in Dallas,” today it will not work. You need to approach the SEO strategy very competently, especially if your site is a landing page. In such a small space, you have to put all the relevant keywords very competently.

But you already have a clue. Remember we said keywords and hashtags work the same? Go back to the previous paragraph, and collect the semantic core for the site, on the same principle as you chose the hashtags. And do not be surprised if they match. Thus, you can only fulfill the task, but solve two problems at the same time - hashtag marketing and SEO promotion.

Reinforce the Positions of Your Website with Backlinks

In addition to the fact that Google tracks behavioral factors and recognizes keywords in the text, it also evaluates the presence of backlinks. When you signed up for Google My Business and Yelp, you already received two of these links.

However, for better visibility, it is necessary to strengthen the position. The best way to do this is to create content for guest posting and add a link to your restaurant in the article. For example, you, as the owner of a restaurant, can definitely create something interesting about this business, for example, write about the procedure for paying taxes in your state or share the secrets of hiring the best waiters.

It is important that your post is posted on the correct and reliable resource. The best way to find such platforms is to use specialized services like LinksManagement. Thus, you will receive not only backlinks, but also more visitors to your site, and some of these users will definitely visit your restaurant.

Take the Local Search into Account

The recent trend is that users are looking for establishments that are as close to them as possible, and they do this using mobile devices. In this regard, another step that you need to take is to make sure that your site is correctly displayed on mobile screens, and that users quickly get access to all the necessary functions. And also once again pay attention to the importance of mentioning your location on the pages of your site.


The steps we have listed are very simple and very effective. We recommend that you take each of them to get a comprehensive result. So you will not only make your restaurant website more visible, but also get a new influx of customers who will leave valuable feedback for you, and this will work for you in the long term.