5 Ways to Captivate Potential Clients on Social MediaEnter content title here...

5 Ways to Captivate Potential Clients on Social MediaEnter content title here...

We have already talked about the importance of creating high-quality content, using storytelling tools and videos, and in this article, we will talk about how t

We have already talked about the importance of creating high-quality content, using storytelling tools and videos, and in this article, we will talk about how to build long-term relationships with clients using social media. When customers do not receive an answer to their question on the hotel or restaurant website, they begin to read reviews and browse social networks in the hope that someone has already encountered a similar question before them. Here are the five best ways to get new and retain old customers using social networks.

Stay at the Place Where Your Customers Are

Concentrate on the social network that is most popular with your customers. Listen to their wishes that they leave in the reviews and show what improvements you have made according to the opinion of your guests.

Do you ask how to do this in practice? Using content, of course. Here's a general tip for content from Diana Adjadj, contributing writer at WoWGrade and WritingJudge. “The main thing you need to understand before starting creating your content for social media is what things your potential customers do not understand about your brand and your services. Analyze their frequently asked questions and provide comprehensive answers. This will work for your benefit in the long run.”

Here are some ideas for what you can do.

  • Video review of your hotel or restaurant. Very often the photos on the main page of the site are very bright, high-quality and attractive, but in reality, everything turns out to be completely different. If the photos can be modified, the video shows the truth. And it is better for your customers to find out everything in advance so that later they do not write negative reviews to you.
  • The invisible life of a hotel or restaurant. Organization of work in the kitchen, cleaning, guest relations - show your activity in reality.
  • Answers to questions and plans for your further development. For example, add a link to frequently asked questions in the description of your page on Facebook or Instagram. Or shoot a live story about the plans of the owner of a hotel or restaurant about what will be done in the near future.

Organize Contests and Giveaways

Human nature is such that we love free cheese. Free night at the hotel, additional service or food delivery to the office for the winner of the competition is tempting. Use this chance to activate your audience and get new subscribers.

Hint! When you ask your visitors to subscribe to your page and like a post with a competition for participation, ask them to also tag any of their friends. This will increase the reach and even the influx of potential customers with a high degree of likelihood.

Maintain a Positive Atmosphere and Communication Culture

How exactly you write and communicate with clients in social networks, largely determines the image of the company. A page on Facebook or another network should not just cover the activities, but really take care of the client.

How often have you come across a situation where it would seem that a certain hotel or restaurant is suitable for you, but would you like to clarify one small detail? For example, what is the distance to the sea from the hotel or is there a chair for children in the restaurant?

Sometimes such a trifle as a timely answer to a question relevant to a potential visitor can change its status from potential to current, and from current to a loyal or even a brand advocate.

To make the atmosphere in the community as friendly as possible, it is worth engaging the audience in positive discussions. What is more, encourage the audience to ask you questions. This will help potential customers make decisions faster, engagement will grow, and already loyal customers will become even more loyal, making sure that you care about each category of visitors.

Learn to Work with Negative Reviews on Social Networks

And do not be afraid of the likelihood of receiving them. It is impossible to make everyone happy without exception. Working with a negative review, show participation, help solve a problem, improve impressions and show that a specific problem is already being solved (video or storytelling can help). Here you may check the most effective ways how to use these approaches.

Working with negative reviews is at the same time a very powerful way to show that you are not indifferent. Even if everything is really far from perfect in your hotel or restaurant, show that you are doing everything possible to correct the situation. And your customers themselves will tell you what they want to see or receive from you.

Analyze Previous Experience

Social networks are not only for communication, but it is also a powerful analytics tool. Data received from subscribers themselves on a voluntary basis can be used for further improvements. Collect all the statistics that you can collect on social networks. Keep track of the most common questions and complaints, compare them with the portrait of the client who left them.

Monitor the indicators of coverage and involvement, and if they fall, start promotion of posts or organize a competition, as we have already described. Promotional posts, among other things, help to increase traffic to the site.

The Most Useful Tip

The main task of a hotel or restaurant is to stay alive and be close to its visitors. Social networks are the best way to establish truly close relationships, discuss pain points, wishes and plans for the future. What is most interesting, as soon as you begin active interaction with subscribers on social networks, you will no longer need to painfully invent plans for further development. They themselves will tell you what to do, so listen carefully.