Top 5 Places to visit in Pune

Top 5 Places to visit in Pune

Pune is a fantastic city and a top choice for many people looking for a place to call home. This lovely city is well-known for many things, including its temple

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1. Shivneri Fort

One of the most famous Maratha emperors, Chhatrapati Shivaji, was born here. The great ruler is claimed to have received his early schooling here.

Seven gates must be passed in order to enter the fort, demonstrating how successfully it was guarded against foreign troops. A lovely lake and a statue of Shivaji and his mother, Jijabai, can be found inside the fort.

2. Sinhagad

According to information in the fort, this hill stronghold, which is located approximately 25 KM from Pune, dates back 2000 years. Known as "the fort of the lion," Sinhagad has seen a number of engagements, including the fight of Sinhagad in 1671.

From Sinhagad, which is perched atop a cliff, you may enjoy a stunning view of the lovely Sahyadri. According to history, the fort, which was formerly called Kondhana, was ruled by Mohammad bin Tughlaq before Shivaji rebelled against Adilshahi and took control of it in 1647. Its illustrious past added to its appeal for tourists. And, To save your money while visiting this place, enjoy bike on rent in Pune services.

3. Junnar Caves

The Junnar Caves are historic rock-cut caves located near Junnar in Maharashtra's Pune district, 96 kilometres from Pune. The longest and greatest cave excavations in India are located near Junnar. These landmarks are both ASI-protected and well-liked tourist destinations in Pune.

In Junnar, there are more than 200 separate excavations dispersed over four hills. From the middle of the third century BC until the late third century AD, all of the excavations may be dated to the Hinayana phase. Junnar is a well-known location for the study of rock-cut architecture since it has the greatest concentration of rock-cut excavations and the greatest number of inscriptions that can be used for palaeography research. 24 inscriptions may be found here, and they offer valuable palaeography information on the relative date of the caves.

4. Bund Garden

Pune's Bund Garden is a well-known picnic location. This location would be ideal for those who enjoy spending time in nature desperately. It's fun to observe the birds in this garden as they flock together and chirp.

Other common pastimes include paddling on the lake and jogging around the grounds. This park is one of the top locations to visit via renting bike in Pune because of its beautiful vistas and welcoming atmosphere.

5. St. Mary’s Church

St. Mary's Church is a historic church located in Pune's Cantonment Camp, 3.5 kilometres from Pune Junction. It is referred to as the "mother church of the Deccan" since it is the oldest church in the Deccan region.

Bishop Heber, the Bishop of Calcutta, laid the cornerstone of the church in 1825, and Lieutenant Nash of the East India Company erected it. To serve the spiritual requirements of the British soldiers stationed in and around Pune, the chapel was constructed. The Church of North India currently has legal control over the church.

The church features a mixture of British and Indian architectural styles in addition to the Gothic style. The mortal remains of Sir Robert Grant, a well-known author of religious poems and a former governor of Mumbai, are interred beneath the church's floors.

6. National War Museum

The National War Museum, which honours the independence war martyrs, is a destination that every American patriot must visit. A Mig 23 BN from the Kargil War is on display in the museum in Pune.

A model of the INS Trishul, which was employed in the Portuguese-Indian War and the Pakistan War of 1971, is also visible here. In addition to drawing many foreign visitors interested in Indian history, this location inspires visitors from India.

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