The Secrets to Getting People to Ask You for the Appointment

The Secrets to Getting People to Ask You for the Appointment

Ever attend a networking event where you exchange business cards but they don't respond to your follow up emails and calls?

The purpose of networking at live events is to book appointments with potential clients and referral partners.

Many people find it hard to persuade people to meet with them. The truth is, if you have to convince someone to meet with you, the meeting usually won’t result in much.

Imagine attending a networking event where you meet your ideal client, and they ask you for the meeting. Now that’s when you are more likely to have someone become a client or partner.

In this blog post, I outline a very simple 3-step process for booking appointments with ease.

Step 1: Get People to LIKE you

The fastest way to get people to LIKE you is to LIKE them. This is also referred to as “connecting” and “building rapport”.

How do you do get people to LIKE you? Simple. You LIKE them. Ask some questions and find out what they LIKE that you also LIKE.

When you discover a common LIKE, share about it. It could be a hobby, a movie, a color, music, food, dogs, cats, favorite charity, common friend – whatever. Find the common LIKE, and they will LIKE you.

Step 2: Get People to TRUST you

TRUST is built when you show you care about someone getting what they want in life or have empathy for their situation.

Ask them some questions to reveal the challenges they are currently looking to solve. For example, if you offer financing, do they have a big project that requires money. If you are a bookkeeper, are they frustrated with doing it themselves? Or their current bookkeeper?

Remember, you already like each other so their answers should flow naturally. This is why you must always build a connection first. People don’t typically open up about their problems to people they don’t like.

Ask them questions about their situation, and listen to what they say. Listening is a priceless gift and will deepen the connection and build TRUST.

Step 3: Get People to RESPECT

You LIKE each other. You built TRUST by spending time letting them know you understand their situation.

Now get RESPECT. This is done by sharing your credentials. Tell them a story about how you helped someone just like them. Share your degrees, years in business, what people say about – all of that.

When someone LIKES, TRUSTS and RESPECTS you, business happens. People lean in and ask you for a meeting.

Chances are you probably already follow these 3 steps, but possibly in a different order.

Change the order to LIKE, TRUST, and RESPECT and you will get more sales appointments.

If you have any questions about these steps, email me